Tri-State Generation & Transmission (Tri-State G&T)

Project Completed

INDUSTRY: Telecommunications

SERVICES: Customization Implementation

Logical Provisioning Customization Enables Bandwidth Mapping at Tri-State

The Background

Tri-State Generation & Transmission (G&T) generates and transmits electric power to 43 member coops, who in turn power more than a million customers across four states. The massive G&T needs to efficiently manage bandwidth across a huge and complex network of telecommunications devices that span these four states.

The Need

Logical Provisioning Customization Enables Bandwidth Mapping at Tri-StatePreviously, Tri-State managed its telecommunications network with a legacy, homegrown application. The application was not geospatially enabled, which left Tri-State unable to take advantage of the power of its GIS.

Tri-State wanted a solution that provided this complex logical bandwidth provisioning while directly consuming ArcGIS data. In looking for a solution, they sought an established, supported product with an existing user base — from a solution provider who understood both their industry and the technology behind their needs.

Logical Provisioning Customization Enables Bandwidth Mapping at Tri-State

SSP on-site with Tri-State

Why SSP for Logical Provisioning?

SSP demonstrated superior knowledge of both logical provisioning and geospatial enablement. SSP presented a two-phase project that assessed the utility’s current circuit management state, including legacy data. They offered an application design for the future, a large-scale data conversion, and the technical leadership to execute on both.

The final product will be a combination of ArcFM Fiber Manager™, Esri ArcGIS and a custom software build.  SSP has already brought all telco assets into the GIS. It will also eliminate the legacy system and achieve logical provisioning on the established ArcGIS platform.