Full-Scale Simulation For AMI Rollout

Better AMI Performance


Go live with your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) knowing that your system will consistently perform under the pressure of daily operations. SSP AMI Sim gives you the power to fully test your AMI—at scale, before a single meter is deployed. With the ability to simulate millions of meter readings along with hundreds of conditions and events, it is the only solution that generates the data you need to fully test your AMI integrations, validate reporting requirements, and ensure your infrastructure is adequately sized for production operations. For the first time, you can exhaustively test your system before you move into production.

SSP AMI Sim Product Features

Test your system against any scenario: SSP AMI Sim eliminates much of the risk inherent to AMI rollouts. With the ability to simulate meter exchanges, outages, gaps, spikes, and backfill, you can test your system against virtually any scenario that might disrupt the flow of data across the system.

Full Meter Testing at Scale
Full Simulation with Hundreds of Conditions
Interval Data Generation

Register Reads
Simple User Interface
Alarm/Event Simulation
Job Setup, Saving, and Scheduling