Solving Critical Pipeline Operator Challenges with GIS

Build your GIS with a vision from pipeline experts. SSP can help you create a connected information environment that enables you to comply with regulations, manage safety & risk, and dramatically improve operations. Regardless of where your information is stored today, and regardless of the number of various data sources, we can consolidate your information into a single digital twin that benefits your entire organization.

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MAOP & Mega Rule Compliance

Establishing a Complete, Traceable, Verifiable System of Record

With 40+ successful, pipeline GIS projects under our belt, SSP has the depth of experience you need to create and maintain a comprehensive system of record to achieve Mega Rule compliance, identify material verification gaps, drive field inspection workflows, and support your day-to-day operations and compliance going forward.


Expert On-shore MAOP & Mega Rule Data Services

We perform all of our specialized data work internally to ensure high quality results & timely delivery.


Scan & Index Documents


Gap Analysis & Prioritization


Update Data to GIS Database


Regulatory Calculations & MAOP/MOP Verification


System of Record & Engagement with Your GIS

Moving Beyond Initial Compliance

Creating a comprehensive system of record is a massive effort, and without the right repositories, databases, or management tools, the data can become stale. The latest regulations require operators to manage an asset for its entire lifecycle while retaining historical references and documents. Beyond your initial document and data management, SSP can help build ongoing compliance directly into your normal worflow. We can help you innovate with improved GIS technology and processes for capital design & ordering, field data collection, and asset lifecycle management.

Integrity & Risk Management

The data stored in your system of record is only as good as your managed views into it. SSP has years of experience building and refining the data models that can let you run a variety of integrity management analytics. Whether you need to generate risk calculations (relative or probabilistic) or compare year-over-year snapshots for MAOP and HCA regulatory requirements, we can help. From simple, web-based editing maps to integrity-focused viewing and reporting applications, we can work with you to identify and implement the right tool to support all your viewing and reporting needs.

Improving Day-to-Day Operations

The latest evolution of GIS products transforms GIS into a true system of engagement, enabling your entire organization to see the current status of the network in near real-time. Now a self-service solution, field and office workers can access GIS functionality and information as a normal part of their workflow, with less reliance on GIS administrators for current, accurate information. With the ability to map the network in greater detail than ever before, GIS provides a complete digital twin that supports in-depth analysis & decision support for your entire organization.

Engineers can carry out GIS-based planning, design, and as-builting tasks in the field or office
Field Crews can trace networks, find critical information, and update the GIS as they do their work
Operators have a comprehensive model of the entire system for analyzing and managing pressure and flow
Managers and Administrators have accurate information for decision-making and reporting

We’ll help you incorporate the latest technology into your plan-design-build-operate-maintain-serve workflows.

Pipeline GIS Consulting & Implementation Services

SSP can help you create a GIS environment that supplies quality data and tools to all levels of your organization. We’ll help you configure and deploy the leading Esri platform and associated integrations in a way the makes the most sense for your situation. We are experienced in the full breadth of the Esri product line and the Pipeline Open Data Standards and will meet you where you are to create a solution that is right for you.

Future State Planning

We’ll help you create a connected information environment that provides a single, accurate, geospatial view of your assets and their associated attributes.

Regardless of where your information is stored today, and regardless of the number of various data sources, we can consolidate your information into a single geodatabase aligned with Esri’s evolving technology.

The solution we define for you will include the mix of technology that makes the most sense for your current situation, budget, and business goals.

Data Services

Data Collection, Acquisition & Improvement

SSP has an on-shore team of pipeline data experts who can assist you with developing the data you need to support MAOP & Mega Rule compliance, advanced system analysis, and daily operations. From capturing information from historical records to mapping the internals of above ground equipment, we can help develop a complete, high accuracy database for your GIS. We’ll also show you how to integrate data collection into your workflows, enabling you to maintain quality data that supports all your needs.

Data Migration

With dozens of successful pipeline migration projects under our belt, we have an extensive sets of tools & processes in place to ensure a smooth transition from your existing system to latest platforms and data models.

Continual Data Maintenance & Cleanup

Eliminate your as-built backlog & keep your GIS current. SSP offers ongoing data services for posting updates to the GIS from your construction documents. We’ll work through your existing backlog and eliminate it forever with ongoing update services.

Implementation & Integration

Your GIS implementation will include focused tools for users at all levels of your organization. With integration to relevant enterprise systems such as Enterprise Asset Management, Work Management, and Pipeline Analysis, your GIS will provide a single point of access to everything your users need to carry out their work.

Trust Your GIS to the Pipeline Experts

The SSP Pipeline Practice has unmatched experience working with U.S. pipeline operators and gas transmission utilities, as well as the Esri product development team. Collectively, our consultants have managed data or implemented software for more than 150,000 miles of pipeline, and that number is growing every year. In addition to providing the popular services mentioned above, our experts are on-hand to answer conceptual questions, such as how future regulatory requirements are affecting the future of pipeline workflows. Contact us today to start your conversation.