Migrate Your Geometric Network to the Utility Network with Ease

Developed by the Utility Network data experts, SSP Sync overcomes the typical complex challenges related to moving an Esri geometric network to the Utility Network. It is the only tool that lets you work natively in ArcGIS to prep your data and control migration results. Your data will be optimized for the utility network while keeping true to its original geographic representation. Your data is augmented with Utility Network attributes but retains the data and form it once took in Geometric Network. Different yet familiar and intuitive for increasing end-user productivity.

Prepare Your Data for the Utility Network

No utility’s data is Utility Network-ready and that’s okay. SSP Sync provides plug-and-play pre- and post-processing routines to clean your data. Automated routines prep your data for an efficient and cartographically pleasing transfer to the Utility Network. Post-processing routines confirm connectivity and make necessary adjustments on the other side.

globeicon Work natively in ArcGIS with resources and skill sets you already have
arrowicon Get up & running in a matter of hours with Sync quick start
compassicon Get the results you expect with less clean up on the other side
globeicon Keep your migration project moving with targeted tools that align with the Utility Network

Simple & Straightforward Data Migration – No Specialized Skills Required

IS analyst skills and basic IT concept knowledge is all that is needed to be successful with SSP Sync. You’ll be able to work natively within the familiar ArcGIS environment, without the need for costly migration specialists. Work at your own pace without adding budget to your program.

Get the Results You Expect

SSP Sync offers a unique template-based approach to creating features to ensure your Utility Network data closely resembles what your users expect to see. While other solutions deliver points stacked on top of points that are virtually impossible to query and use, Sync delivers a rich network representation that is both structurally sound and immediately familiar to users.

globeicon Converts millions of features per hour
arrowicon Creates a well-structured, visually appealing output
compassicon Keeps your project moving with minimal downtime
globeicon Puts you in control of cost, schedule & results

SSP Sync Puts You in Control

SSP Sync delivers the tools and performance you need for an efficient and effective production migration. With the ability to process millions of features per hour, any conversion errors can be quickly isolated and resolved on your own, without the need for costly consulting services. With Sync, you have complete control over your project budget, timeline, and migration results.

Trust your migration to the tool used on 12+ successful UN migration projects

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