Understand Your Natural Gas Network

For nearly a decade, SSP Innovations has provided gas utilities with the technology and related services needed to operate a safer, more efficient gas network. When you choose SSP, you choose the award-winning Esri Platinum Partner with 100% success rate and tens of thousands of pipeline miles served. Some of our most popular projects today include:

  • Data Modeling (including UPDM)
  • Improved Risk/TIMP Calculations
  • DIMP Analysis
  • Data/Systems Consolidation
  • Esri APR Toolset
  • Inspections (e.g., Leak Surveys, Cathodic Protections)
  • Material Tracking & Traceability
  • HCA/Class/MAOP Calculations
  • Integrations (e.g., Billing/Accounting, CIS)

Distribution Services: Ensuring Safe, Efficient Delivery

How do you build and maintain a low-cost but highly reliable distribution network? At SSP, we believe these efficiencies are gained at the technology level. With the right tools, your utility can understand the location, condition, and environmental context of your assets.

Transmission Services: Protecting Your Pipeline Highways

What if your utility or pipeline operation could spend less time looking for information, and more time acting on it? Nearly every aspect of transmission networks can be made more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective with the proper tools. Imagine if your operational staff could apply best-in-class analytics and risk outputs to regulatory standards and quickly dispatch field crews to the precise location for proactive pipeline failure prevention. This is the power of the latest geospatial and enterprise technologies, such as the Esri APR toolset, which operators like you are using in every department from planning to billing.


SSP for UPDM: A Leader in Transmission and Distribution

Are you a vertically integrated utility? If you are, you can store both your transmission and distribution data in one model. With the release of Esri’s Utility Pipeline Data Model (UPDM), you can have an all-in-one database for analytics, outage management, and design. By centralizing, you can strengthen information access and confidence across your utility as well as save time generating annual PHMSA and state regulatory reports. SSP is uniquely positioned to offer you UPDM consulting services because of our decades of expertise serving both transmission and distribution operators.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and manual process each year. In fact, with the right system of record, you can anticipate the coming regulatory requirements and put in place the right technology architecture, data modeling, calculation inputs, and analytical tools to easily generate regulatory reports. SSP can help you generate HCA, risk, MOAP, and other calculations.


Tracking and Traceability with Barcodes at MLGW

Tracking and Traceability

By consolidating your data into a single system of record and implementing the right tools, you can enable more reliable and comprehensive tracking and traceability of your assets. This means you can easily identify key attribution of a buried asset for regulatory reporting, maintenance, and other critical tasks. SSP can work with your existing data environment or help configure new technology to enable the latest tools for tracking and traceability. This includes setting up a mobile environment to tie field data collection back to your centralized database with tools like Esri’s Survey123 and Collector for ArcGIS.

Field Data Collection

A variety of modern tools lets you enhance the accuracy and speed of data collection. With out-of-the-box apps like Esri’s Survey123 and Collector, plus web maps to standardize field collection, there’s no reason to continue using time-consuming and risky paper workflows. SSP can help you design a field data collection strategy, whether you need a full GIS portal or a simple extended pattern of mobile use (e.g., leak surveys, damage assessment). In fact, we’ve helped more U.S. gas utilities deploy web GIS than any other Esri partner. 

Data Modeling

Our extensive knowledge of GIS architecture, including how each feature correlates to your entire gas network, makes us an ideal choice for creating, refining and upgrading your data model. Let SSP help you create an efficient and reliable GIS that utilizes new industry models that support powerful risk calculations and flexible regulatory reporting.

Enterprise-Wide Information Access

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Everyone at a gas utility or pipeline operation needs access to geospatial asset information. An enterprise system of record lets everyone from executives to engineers securely access and analyze this data via user-friendly, web viewers and mobile apps to make more informed decisions. Contact SSP to learn how to take advantage of the latest system of engagement from Esri.