Mobile GIS Built Just for Utilities

SSP MIMS is the most powerful, utility-specific mobile GIS on the market today. Why? Because MIMS is different. We designed MIMS by taking a hard look at how utilities carry out their work every day. MIMS delivers tools that simplify engineering and operations work and result in real impacts on efficiency, safety, and reliability.


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Finally, a Mobile GIS that Works the Way You Do

SSP MIMS is designed to work exactly the way you want it to. Unlike mobile GIS solutions that require crews to alter their processes to fit the tool, SSP MIMS lets you work your way. Workflows and interfaces can be easily customized to fit your processes & preferences.

Take Your GIS – Not Just Maps – to the Field

Bring all the intelligence of your GIS to the field. With SSP MIMS, crews have real-time access to GIS data as well as complex features for customer and equipment isolation, network tracing, and more. While other solutions focus on helping crews locate assets in the field, MIMS focuses on helping crews troubleshoot issues, solve problems and carry out their work with ease.

Esri-aligned Solution Keeps Your Entire Organization in Sync

SSP MIMS is designed to fit seamlessly into your Esri ecosystem, enabling users across your enterprise see changes as they are happening. Information recorded by crews in the field are propagated throughout your organization in near-real time. With MIMS, your entire organization performs better.

Actionable Enterprise Information to Get the Job Done

Powered by the SSP Lifecycle business unifier & workflow engine, MIMS delivers all the work asset information crews need to complete their work. Information from enterprise systems, such as SAP, Maximo, and others, is delivered in a context that crews can readily use and act on. Updates are sent directly back to the correct systems as work is performed, keeping all your systems in sync and triggering the next action in the work order or inspection process.

Capture Asset Information Faster than Ever Before

With SSP Vision loaded into MIMS mobile, crews can capture information in the field faster than ever before. Recording asset locations, connectivity, and attributes can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. There’s no need for redlines or complicated sketches. Simply point the camera at the relevant assets, and Vision records everything you need.

Save Time & Cost with an All-in-One Solution

SSP MIMS is the only mobile solution you’ll ever need. From simple forms to complex back-and-forth processes, SSP MIMS handles all your use cases with ease. With everything under one roof, crews won’t ever have to think about which app or device they need for a particular job – and you’ll save significant time and expense on user training and administration.

An Intuitive Platform and Look & Feel Your Crews will Love

We designed MIMS to be the simplest complex tool you’ll ever use. Powerful functionality is packaged in an intuitive, familiar Interface with a consumer electronics look, feel, and usability. With a friendly experience that matches everyday consumer applications, your users can be immediately productive with the solution. Use MIMS on any iOS, or Windows device.


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