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Joint Use Management Just Got a Whole Lot Easier


SSP SPANS is a central, shared system that drastically reduces the headaches, uncertainty, and risks associated with joint use management. With SPANS, Pole Owners have clear, traceable communication between internal stakeholders, Joint Pole Owners, and Attachers while enforcing efficient, configurable processes for managing connections, optimizing revenue, prioritizing work, and complying with regulations, agreements, and company standards.

globeicon Easily track all inter- and intra-company communications
arrowicon Stay in compliance with ever-changing federal, state, and local regulations
compassicon Easily prioritize work and staffing levels to support construction, system upgrades improvements, and maintenance
globeicon Head off disagreements & violations and while defending against litigation
globeicon Eliminate revenue losses and create a positive Joint Use revenue stream

A Central, Shared System for Joint Use Management & Communication

SSP SPANS transforms joint use management from a source of stress to an organized system for managing complex chains of intra- and inter-company activities and communications. Detailed communication tracking and efficient workflows with built-in compliance will ease the burden of managing agreements & work while giving you peace of mind that all your legal and financial bases are covered.

Never Worry About Compliance Again

SPANS stays on top of regulatory requirements and evolves with you to ensure that all applicable regulations, agreement terms, and company policies are met as a natural part of your workflow. If a disagreement should arise between your company and an attacher or regulator, SPANS has you covered.

Avoid Getting Blindsided by Unpredictable Waves of Work

SSP SPANS helps you see the work that is coming down the pike before it hits. By tracking requests for joint use permits and company-initiated construction impacting attachments, joint use managers can proactively prioritize work and determine staffing needs across the service area. With early insight into pending projects, crews can be re-assigned to support heavy work initiatives like 5G deployments, road widening projects, stub pole mitigation efforts, and more.

Keep Your Projects Moving

A workflow-based environment provides intuitive record handling, and clear “next actor” responsibility. With alert messages that can be targeted to specific users based on project type, event, and location, you’ll never lose track of a project again. Easily redirect projects for review or action using intra-company and third-party communication functions.

Head Off Disagreements & Defend Against Litigation

SSP SPANS promotes accountability between owners and attachers by working as a real-time channel to quickly communicate critical information in a documented record. Every communication is timestamped, tracked, and associated with the relevant assets and agreements. With visibility of project status and pending actions, it is easy to see which party has current responsibility. In the case of disagreements or litigation, rich reporting provides all the information to defend your position.

Stop Losses & Create a Positive Joint Use Revenue Stream

Robust reporting features, enable SPANS users to identify and minimize lost rental and make-ready revenue, and transforming your joint use department into a better revenue-generating center. Joint use project billing, ownership changes, and rental implications all managed by SPANS. With a well-thought-out system that enables rigorous management of your program, your managers will have the freedom to focus attention on generating revenue and balancing expenses.

globeicon A flexible platform configured for your unique situation and processes
arrowicon User-friendly design with robust performance and advanced functionality
compassicon Continuous improvement based on changing needs, standards, and regulations
globeicon Close collaboration and a working relationship with a dedicated service team

Joint Use Your Way

SPANS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that every Pole Owner’s circumstances are unique. SPANS is configured for you – with you. Taking the time to know you, your business situation and objectives enables us to deliver options, make recommendations and provide a solution that matches your needs.



SPANS PoleView™ provides a visual display of customer-supplied pole and attachment data in an easy-to-use geographic environment with a Microsoft Bing Maps backdrop. The Bing Maps backdrop provides standard roadmap features including streets, railroads, landmarks, and labels. Aerial imagery is click-on, click-off based on user preference and view scale.

Add poles to a SPANS proposal with a single click.

Display detailed pole and attachment information including Ownership, Number, Height, Class, and Year.

Find and navigate to map features using Pole Number, Address, or Street Intersection criteria.

Standard map viewing tools, plus Proposal Extent, City Extent, County Extent, and Previous Extent make viewing and navigating a snap.


Flexible & Adaptable

We know every business is different, so we’ve built SPANS to be flexible to best complement your process and operations. In addition to the full suite of features and benefits that are internal to SPANS, we’re proud to offer extensions as well as custom application development to ensure that SPANS provides a full solution to your joint use requirements.

Automated Pricing Function

SPANS’ architecture facilitates the recording of agreement-specific pricing for any joint use item or service. Some SPANS customers use a custom developed spans extension to calculate inter-company billing amounts associated with each pole.

Integration with GIS or Other Attachment Database

SPANS serves as a transactional database, capturing the outcomes of each joint use project. Several SPANS customers take advantage of custom-developed SPANS export functionality and use automated procedures to update attachment data in their GIS or other database. This extension of SPANS capabilities eliminates tedious back office entry of new attachment information.

Custom Applications

We’re experts and we’re listening. Our team has the capabilities in place to create custom applications to meet your needs and integrate seamlessly with SPANS to ensure it’s your all-in-one joint use solution.


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