A Powerful Workflow Engine for Your SSP Stack

Lifecycle serves as a workflow engine for your entire SSP stack. Work and information flow seamlessly between applications, keeping activities and data in sync across systems & departments. Relevant work and asset information is presented directly within SSP Productivity, SSP MIMS Mobile, and SSP MIMS Graphic Work Design. Users get everything they need within the tools they already use.

Work & Asset Management – Built Just for Utilities

SSP Lifecycle is designed to overcome the many challenges the typical utility faces in managing work and assets. It is the only solution on the market that was built by utilities, for utilities, to meet the specific needs of operations & engineering roles. The solution enables a better process – one that actually fits with your workflow. SSP Lifecycle can be implemented as a complete standalone solution, a spot solution for a subset of your work and assets, or a system of engagement for your back-office Enterprise Asset Management system.

Simple, Smart, Streamlined Work Management

SSP Lifecyle offers a substantially more efficient and cost-effective way of managing engineering and operations work. We do it by putting engineering and operations staff at the center of the universe, delivering actionable information exactly where & when they need it.


One Simple Dashboard Gives Crews Everything They Need

No more lost time searching for information in multiple locations. SSP Lifecycle keeps your engineers & technicians focused on what’s most important – getting work done. Crews can view all the information they need to do their work through a single screen. Relevant information from GIS, EAM, ERP, and other systems are fed directly to workers in an intuitive, actionable format they can readily use.

Update Your GIS, ADMS, and Enterprise Systems as Work is Performed

Never get tripped up by outdated information again. SSP Lifecycle updates all your relevant back-office systems in near real time as work is completed, keeping your entire organization in sync. An accurate representation of the current status of work and assets paves the way for efficient field operations and better network management.

Track the Full History of Work & Assets

SSP Lifecycle can track the full history of rotating assets, including status, condition, operational cost, regulatory compliance, accounting details, and more. Simple, straightforward reporting helps you stay on top of inspections, testing, and maintenance activities and improve system safety, reliability, and compliance. If you already have back-office systems for financial asset & work tracking, SSP Lifecycle enhances your systems with an engineering & operations-centric tool.

Eliminate the Headache and Overhead of Costly Integrations

SSP Lifecycle is pre-configured to work seamlessly with GIS, ADMS, ERP, and EAM and is pre-integrated for the entire SSP utility management suite. A single point of integration keeps all your systems in sync and is easier to manage, effortless to maintain, and significantly less expensive than managing multiple points of integration.

Add a System of Engagement to Your Back-Office EAM

Enterprise Asset Management systems are great at managing finance and accounting information behind the scenes but do little for enabling engineering and operations work in the field. SSP Lifecycle is the easiest, most cost-effective way to put the operationally relevant information into the hands of workers when – and where – they need it. Lifecyle is easily integrated with any EAM system as a front-end system of engagement that both enables engineering & operations work and increases the value and adoption of your existing system.

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