SSP Delta

Visibility Into All The Edits Made To Your Geodatabase

Who Did What, When and Where, in the GIS?

SSP Replay and SSP Delta

SSP Delta, formerly SSP All Edits Report, is a tool that helps you understand all the changes that were made in the geodatabase. With this all-edits review tool, you gain complete control over edits made to your versioned data, allowing you to uncover and analyze any historical changes.

SSP Delta Product Features

Do you find yourself asking either of these questions about your GIS: Who edited what? Why were those assets deleted? Is it possible to restore data that was deleted? SSP Delta helps you answer these questions by giving you the tools to interrogate your data.

  • Maintain Posted Version Edits
  • Report Visualization in Full Graphic Display
  • Powerful QA Tools
  • Find & Restore Deleted Features
  • Interactive Review Options
  • Run Default or Custom QA/QC Process
  • Advanced Search & Report
  • Field Attribution-Based Search
  • Automatic Data Capture
  • Export Report to Text File


SSP All Edits Report Shows Feature Level Audit History

The SSP All Edits Report & QA/QC Tool (now called SSP Delta) has been updated to allow users to search for an individual feature’s audit history across multiple versions. This allows us to see when a feature was created, updated, and deleted. Check out the new tools which will soon Read more

SSP All Edits Reporting & QA/QC Overview

The SSP All Edits Reporting & QA/QC (currently rebranded to SSP Delta) answers some of the most common questions for GIS or QA managers: “who” did “what”, “when” and “where” in the GIS. Popular with larger utilities, this tool provides users the ability to track edits that were made within Read more

Esri Versioning Overview

Are you a GIS manager who wants and/or needs to understand Esri versioning and has been searching the Internet for an Esri versioning overview? You’re in luck. Esri versioning is one of the most common topics we are asked about in the consulting field and a good one to unpack Read more

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