Support for the Solutions You Rely On

When your production GIS goes down at 2 AM, who can you rely on to troubleshoot? When you have a question or problem with a custom app or integration, who helps you? When you need an enhancement, can internal resources build it? SSP Innovations can. SSP offers the speed, staffing, and expertise that utilities like yours rely on to quickly fix bugs, answer questions, and create minor enhancements to core technology — all within the same contract.


Flat-Rate Support

A predictable cost lets you manage your budget and stay supported. Utilities pick a flat-rate program when they want to identify exactly what for, when, and how quickly they can rely on us. They get this all for a single, flat fee over a term they select.

Time and Materials (T&M)

Do you value flexibility? That’s why we offer a time and materials (T&M) contract. With T&M, you pay for what you use. Set a maximum cost and term length, and your team will receive help upon request until that limit is reached. You pay as you go, only when you use the service.

Flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA)

If you value basic support and reasonable response times, SSP offers the flexible service level agreement with an option for 24/7 support. Utilities pick this when they want coverage for everything from basic support to time-sensitive critical issues.