SSP Replay

Replay Edits Into A Versioned Geodatabases

Save Your Edits and Replay Them Into a Production Geodatabase 

SSP Replay and SSP Delta

Do you have a versioned database and need to reach State Zero to perform critical activities, such as data reprojection or conflation? Are outstanding versions you can’t delete making this difficult? SSP Replay is the first and only solution on the market to help utilities make large-scale updates to their production environment — without losing their versions or the edits within them. For years, this technology has been helping utilities nationwide execute conflation, migration, data model updates, maintenance, and more, when it otherwise seemed impossible.

SSP Replay Product Features

SSP Replay relies on proprietary version management functionality to help your utility perform critical activities to your production GIS. A typical project using this technology may include:

  • Automated Batch Run
  • Version Extraction (Single, Partial, or Complete)
  • Unversioning of Geodatabase
  • Enablement of Enterprise GIS Changes at State Zero
  • (e.g., Conflation, Reprojection, Database Vendor Switch,
  • Data Model / Schema Changes)
  • Complete State Tree Compression
  • Post-Extraction QA/QC Processes
  • Replay of Extracted Versions
  • Ability to QA/QC Replayed Versions


MTEMC’s State Zero Change

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC)recently completed a major project to merge multiple geodatabases into a single new GDB, apply data model changes along with corresponding data migration, and to implement voltage levels with feeder manager 2.0 to provide connectivity upstream of a circuit breaker. Several of these changes required Read more

Overview of SSP All Edits State 0

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of State Zero, this means getting rid of all of your Esri versions, compressing the geodatabase to move your edits from the Add & Delete tables to the base tables, and then most often un-versioning your geodatabase which completely removes the Add Read more

Esri Versioning Overview

Are you a GIS manager who wants and/or needs to understand Esri versioning and has been searching the Internet for an Esri versioning overview? You’re in luck. Esri versioning is one of the most common topics we are asked about in the consulting field and a good one to unpack Read more

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