City of Roseville

Project Completed

INDUSTRY: Electric Gas Water and Wastewater

SERVICES: Consulting

ArcGIS Consulting Leaves Roseville with GIS Roadmap

ArcGIS Consulting Leaves Roseville with GIS RoadmapThe Need

The City of Roseville in California wanted to understand the full picture of its existing GIS software investments — and opportunities. They requested a GIS roadmap from SSP.

The Background

The City of Roseville, located in California just northwest of Sacramento, serves its residents with a variety of utility services. These include electricity, recycled water, wastewater, and drinking water, and garbage services.

The Challenge: ArcGIS Consulting to Create a GIS Roadmap

The City of Roseville wanted to better understand the complete picture of its existing software investments in GIS / ArcFM™, surrounding systems, and probable future integrations. Familiar with SSP’s wide-ranging experience with the Esri and ArcFM™ product suites, Roseville staff hired SSP to provide a GIS roadmap documenting a high-level review, validation and roadmap for getting the GIS up to industry standards and best practices for functionality and integrations.

The Solution: Enterprise GIS Roadmap

Upon receiving a backup of the city’s current GIS SQL Server database (including schemas and configuration), SSP created a full, offsite test environment to begin assessing the city’s core product software. SSP then loaded the following into this new Roseville SQL Server 2008 R2 database environment:

  • The existing SQL Server backup data
  • The core 10.X ArcGIS and ArcFM™ software

Within this test environment, SSP reviewed the city’s current data model, utility data, and ArcFM™ configuration — prior to conducting an onsite assessment. Results of the test environment enabled SSP and city staff to create the most efficient set of onsite assessment activities for SSP.

The ensuing, two-day onsite workshop at Roseville allowed SSP to assess the staff’s current business environment and use of GIS technology.  This included:

  • A review of the city’s proposed software integrations and related ArcFM™ assumptions
  • A comparison of actual ArcFM™ use cases at Roseville to industry-standard implementations
  • Discussion surrounding existing and future systems integration points
  • Discussion of opportunities for effective configuration, training and customization to better enable the city’s workflows

The Results

The resulting GIS roadmap included findings and recommendations surrounding the future use of GIS at Roseville. Recommendations took into account the city’s existing technology roadmap and specific future goals, such as a Maximo-GIS integration. Roseville is using the GIS roadmap for its guiding principles as the city begins to expand the use of GIS technology to support their ongoing and future business requirements.