Utility Network Migration Package

Reduced complexity | Condensed Timeframe | Fixed fee

Your move to the Utility Network just got a whole lot easier

It’s finally here – a Utility Network migration program that’s rightsized and aligned with the business needs of mid-sized utilities. We’ve packaged the development assets and best practices gained on the largest Utility Network projects in North America into a program that has everything you need for a successful upgrade. In a matter of months, you’ll achieve a gold-standard implementation and deployment based on an expert approach that’s been proven at scale.

Every utility deserves to capitalize on the value of the Utility Network. Now there’s an affordable path to get you there.

An affordable,
straightforward path to migration

  • Achieve a Utility Network implementation without breaking your budget
  • Skip dozens of design workshops and focus your time, resources, and energy on high-value actions
  • Shave months off your migration schedule
  • Hit the ground running with a clear understanding of how to perform work the Utility Network way

What’s included

SSP Accelerate is a complete package that covers everything from implementation to deployment. Our streamlined approach starts with a pre-built design that reflects industry best practices and culminates in a fully functional system, complete with your data, editing and network management tools, and staff training. Top Utility Network experts will guide your implementation to success and provide you with a clear path forward for advancing and evolving your system.

Industry Data Model

Data Migration and QA/QC

Testing, Training and Go Live Support

Network Editing and Management Tools

Make the move to the GIS of the future

With the ability to model networks with more granularity and intelligence than ever before, the Utility Network provides a foundation for advanced network management. The platform offers dramatic improvements over the Geometric Network-based platform including:

Detailed Network Model

Enhanced data security

Rules-enforced data integrity

Branch versioning

Advanced analytics

Efficient services-based architecture

Anytime, anywhere access

Trust your upgrade to the Utility Network experts

SSP is the leading Utility Network implementor in North America. The majority of utilities who have upgraded from earlier versions of Esri or switched to the Utility Network from another platform, got there with the help of SSP. We’ve worked with the largest utilities, have the most go-lives under our belt, and have the most experience and lessons learned. We’ve channeled all that experience into creating a stellar migration program that will enable you to participate in all the benefits of the Utility Network, at a price point and schedule that makes sense for you.

Utility Network Specialty
Utility Network Implementation
Utility Network Implementation
Utility Network Implementation
Modern Network Management

Book now for your preferred go-live date

Make your move to the Utility Network before support for the Geometric Network ends. We are accepting bookings on a first-come, first-served basis. Lock your preferred start date in today.