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Spatially Enable Your Electric Utility

Your GIS is a system of record, engagement, and insight – one that fosters collaboration and drives decision-making across your electric utility. With real-time understanding of assets in the field, ongoing work, and resources consumed, you can better serve your customers and stakeholders. At SSP Innovations, we provide electric utilities with the deep domain knowledge in the technology and workflows required to solve your business challenges.

Design: Give Your Engineers Tools for Efficiency

Streamline design by gaining efficiencies. SSP can help your engineers transform the manual work associated with capital work design requests into streamlined, collaborative, digitally integrated communications. Our team includes experts in graphic work design (GWD), work management systems (WMS) including SSP Lifecycle Work, and related integrations that let your team seamlessly manage work, so you always know the cost, resources, and likelihood of a proposed design succeeding.

Construction: Make Capital Work Management Easier

SSP will help you ensure your GIS users, field crews, accounting team and more all have access to real-time views of the work being done in your service territory. By integrating your systems or implementing next-generation work management solutions, we can provide more accurate information to all users associated with the capital work process. This means the right materials, equipment and labor get ordered, GIS as-builts happen quicker, and more. Talk to us about the use cases for improving your capital construction work management.

Operations: Help Your Network Run Smoothly

Understand how to optimize operations by giving your teams the tools to plan proactively. SSP helps you receive real-time network operations data, manage load against demand, and make advanced decisions related to DMS and AMI. Let us help you bring clarity and proven processes to your grid management.

Asset Management: Keep Your Assets Healthy

Your electric utility needs software solutions that can help identify problems before they emerge. Ask SSP how to take advantage of tools that help recommend proactive maintenance by reliably predicting issues, identify network insights, and extend the life of your infrastructure. These tools include SSP Lifecycle Assets, a modern solution for managing electric assets of all types.

Why SSP for Electric Solutions?

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SSP is the expert utilities turn to when they want to ensure a project’s success. With zero unsatisfied customers, we continue to earn a seat at the strategic decision-making table of our clients as well as our partners. As an Esri Platinum Partner, we take the awards Esri has given us for excellence in service seriously. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for solving all your business needs related to GIS, work and asset management solutions. Our commitment to your success is directly responsible for our own. To find out why clients and partners choose SSP, contact us today.