Upgrade to Receive the Latest Technology Support

Nicknamed the “utility release,” ArcGIS 10.2.1 is considered the must-have utility GIS version for desktop applications. Upgrading to 10.2.1 is the first step in the Esri ArcGIS roadmap of our era, ensuring you can move smoothly to the Esri utility network, ArcGIS Pro, and a full system of engagement and insight. SSP Innovations has developed a tried and tested, meticulous methodology for performing safe and efficient version upgrades at more than 35 U.S. utilities, including some of the nation’s largest.


Benefits of a GIS Upgrade

Upgrading ensures your team continues receiving critical GIS support from the core product vendors, including answers to your questions, future releases, certifications, patches, bug fixes and more. But just as importantly, it allows you take advantage of the latest and greatest functionality available, often including significant re-architecture of the core GIS tools on the front and back ends.

A Proven Process

Over the course of dozens of successful upgrades, SSP has developed a reliable methodology for upgrading your core products, customizations, and integrations. This leads to a new production version of your entire GIS solution, complete with an iterative testing process and clear documentation. So when it comes time to flip the switch, you can rest easy. Browse recent SSP upgrades.