Maximize ROI When Your Systems Talk Together

Siloed information creates manual rework, data discrepancies, and lost time. That’s time your team could have spent analyzing the network, performing predictive analytics, and proactively maintaining your assets. Behind-the-scenes integrations help utilities across the nation like yours connect engineering, accounting, operations, customer-service, materials, field-crew, and other teams. While SSP Innovations has integrated the GIS to virtually every function of digital system at utilities today, below are a few of the most common examples.

Credit: Cindy Barton, Heartland REMC

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Integrations

Create assets in your GIS and share their full lifecycles with enterprise asset management, so everyone stays updated on inspections, maintenance, retirement and attribute updates. See what an EAM integration did for NiSource. Or, learn about SSP Lifecycle Assets for cyclical asset management.

Work Management Systems (WMS) Integrations

Build an end-to-end work management solution. GIS integrations allow your teams to synchronize on work requests, estimates, compatible units (CUs), as-builts, and more. SSP has unparalleled experience working with a variety of work management systems, including our own solution, SSP Lifecycle Work. See how a Designer™ to Maximo integration streamlined capital work requests at CoServ.

Outage Management System (OMS) Integrations

Outage management starts with location. If you’re using an outage management system that is not a true extension to your GIS, SSP can provide real-time communication between the systems to ensure your time to restoration is minimized. See how Denton plans to improve outage response with two OMS connections.

SCADA Integrations

Notify your back office when events occur in the field — in real time. Feeding SCADA events into your GIS and OMS helps you ensure greater customer safety and power security. See how CoServ received confirmed outages within Responder™ OMS via a SCADA integration.

SSP Integrations

Customer Information Systems (CIS) Integrations

Streamline customer decisions, including field-crew dispatch, outage management strategy, proactive network analysis and expansion, and more. See how one utility improved field safety with a CIS integration.

Distribution Planning System (DPS) and Engineering Analysis Integrations

Analyzing and expanding your network gets easier when your engineers access up-to-date GIS data within their own analysis tools themselves. Distribution planning integrations allow your engineers to conduct load-flow and other engineering analysis easily, outside your GIS. See how Synergi improved asset integrity at one PUD.

Document Management System Integrations

Manage and view documents related to GIS features with greater efficiency, thanks to an intuitive interface between these two systems. See how GIS objects can be linked to document files.

Inquiring About an Integration

Whether you’re interested in one of the above projects or something else, SSP’s expert consultants can help you find the solution that fits your needs. Reach out to us to discuss your project and learn about similar work we’ve done with clients like you.