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INDUSTRY: Telecommunications

SERVICES: Implementation Consulting

ArcGIS Online Implementation Brings Web Maps to C-Spire

ArcGIS Online Implementation Brings Web Maps to C-SpireThe Need

Headquartered in Mississippi, C Spire is the nation’s largest privately held wireless communications provider.  C Spire provides wireless service to nearly a million commercial and residential consumers across more than 7,000 miles of fiber infrastructure.

The Background

C Spire is known for providing superior and cutting-edge services, including being among the first to offer gigabit fiber to the home (FTTH). The telco was named one of the nation’s top technology innovators by InformationWeek and one of the 25 most powerful and influential telco entities by Fierce Wireless.
To stay on the cutting-edge of telecommunications, C Spire relies on its own cutting-edge internal technology.

Improving Workflows by Standing Up ArcGIS Online

Inthe past, C Spire had used a combination of Google Earth and KMZ files to manage network data. A typical workflow would require opening Google Earth, loading a KMZ file, and querying within Google Earth.

C Spire had invested in ArcGIS Online, however, and wanted to streamline its data use and workflows on a single enterprise GIS platform. It sought a vendor with experience in:

  • Standing Up ArcGIS Online
  • Creating Telco Web Maps
  • Guiding Best Practices / Use Cases for Telco Web GIS
  • Recommending Enterprise Use Cases for ArcGIS Online
  • Consolidating Data into a Single Geodatabase

Why SSP for ArcGIS Online?

C Spire hired SSP because of SSP’s proven track record of success with web GIS.  SSP was the 2016 winner of Esri’s Web GIS Expansion award.

Results of ArcGIS Online Implementation

ArcGIS Online Implementation Brings Web Maps to C-Spire

After a week of collaboration, SSP and C Spire successfully stood up ArcGIS Online as well as doing the following:

  • Migrated sales to ArcGIS Online from Google Earth
  • Built several telco web and web-editing maps
  • Piloted a Collector for ArcGIS use case
  • Performed knowledge transfer for future web map use
  • Identified opportunities for enterprise-wise leveraging of ArcGIS Online
SSP left C Spire with detailed plans for expanding web GIS to meet other departmental needs, especially engineering.  Plans included:
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Consolidation
  • Work Flows
  • Departmental Use Cases
  • Use Cases for Esri Telco Solutions