SSP for Telecommunications

At SSP Innovations we serve all types of communications service providers including utilities, municipalities/governments, wireline, cable, and wireless organizations. Are you managing an internally focused communications network to meet Smart City, Smart Grid, or internal communications needs? Or, are you a communications service provider (CSP) who provides revenue-generating services in a highly competitive industry? No matter what category you fall into, SSP has the experience to meet your needs.

With bandwidth demands increasing at an exponential rate due to technology evolution and the rapidly expanding deployment of connected devices, our industry faces a digital transformation. This puts a strain on our existing communications networks while demanding technology investment to support future trends. To stay effective and competitive in this new “Smart” world, we are faced with several challenges.


Unique Challenges Providers Face

All service providers face this digital transformation. Utilities will require upgrades, from legacy SONET/SDH technologies to packet based solutions. Municipalities will encounter Smart City initiatives and technology advancements that demand more from their communications networks. On top of that, deploying municipal broadband services requires succeeding in a highly competitive, agile market. Similarly, CSPs will need to meet increasing bandwidth demands and battle fierce competition. All these challenges require maximizing the return on network investments through more efficient planning, designing, and network management. Thankfully, the need for change is driving major market innovations.

Opportunities on the Esri ArcGIS Platform

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SSP Innovations is in a unique position to guide utilities, municipalities, and CSPs through this rapidly evolving technology landscape. We can help you learn how enterprise technology solutions, based on GIS, can provide value to your organization and help you stay competitive. SSP has broad experience with Esri technology and its ability to support communications networks. This includes network-specific data modeling, fiber management system implementation, data migration, and more. In addition, we have extensions to manage your SONET logical circuit provisioning, Ethernet Services provisioning, geodatabase maintenance, work management, and asset management needs. Contact us to find out how SSP can help you realize these opportunities and more.