Adam Tonkin


Adam Tonkin has been working with utilities on GIS, AMI, and related technology projects for almost 20 years. He has served in roles such as Project Engineer and Solution Architect on implementation programs. Despite joining SSP Innovations a few years ago, Adam has worked alongside SSP CEO Skye Perry and other SSP team members as far back as 2000 while at Convergent Group. Adam’s focus is on SSP’s technology offerings and ensuring alignment with Esri’s solutions and customer needs.

Fun Fact

Adam Tonkin moved to the U.S. from Australia 18 years ago. Here, he met his wife, a native Coloradan, and they now have two children. Although Adam has both Australian and U.S. citizenship, he is an obsessive Denver Broncos fan, still calls everyone "mate," and uses weird phrases such as “car park” instead of “parking lot.” (“It’s where the cars park!”)