Version Upgrades

Middle Tennessee Electric Member Corporation (MTEMC)

Project Completed

INDUSTRY: Electric

SERVICES: Version Upgrades Support Implementation

ArcGIS Upgrade Sets MTEMC Up for Successful Roadmap

Responder™ Integration, ArcGIS Online Implementation, ArcGIS Upgrade

The Need

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC) required a 10.2.1 upgrade.

The Background

MTEMCis the U.S.’s 5th largest electrical distribution coop.  MTEMC powers 215,000 members in four counties. The utility manages 11,000 miles of energized line on its ArcGIS platform.

10.2.1 Upgrade Helps MTEMC Stay on the Cutting Edge of Utility GIS

MTEMC knew Esri and Schneider Electric were going to discontinue support for its older version of ArcGIS and ArcFM™ in 2016.  The co-op wanted to upgrade to version 10.2.1, which Esri calls its “utility release” of GIS, in order to have these gains.

  • Support: Continuing to receive support for their core GIS platform
  • Performance: Taking advantage of performance improvements and feature enhancements
  • Releases: Having access to bug fixes, new patches and more
  • Stability: Getting on a version of GIS that will remain stable for utilities into the future

ArcGIS Upgrade Sets MTEMC Up for Successful Roadmap

Why SSP for the ArcGIS Upgrade?

MTEMC chose SSP for their broad, deep knowledge of the ArcFM™ suite and Esri ArcGIS platform. SSP also had an industry reputation for providing quality deliverables, especially the software development required for a 10.2.1 upgrade. After hiring SSP for an unrelated pilot project, MTEMC awarded SSP the 10.2.1 upgrade.

Upgrading to the Utility Release (ArcGIS 10.2.1) 

Today, MTEMC sits on ArcGIS version 10.2.1, aka “the utility release.” Because Esri has told utilities they will be able to stay on this version until the Utility Network release, MTEMC has been able to confidently build on their foundational GIS. They have installed ArcGIS Online, for instance, and taken advantage of performance improvements — all while continuing to receive support for their core software platform.