Utility Network: Users Provide First Impression

April 10, 2017 — Keith Freeman

Esri and SSP Innovations Present a Free Webinar…

Utility Network: Users Provide First Impression

Webinar SpeakersYour Presenters: Bill Meehan, Utility Solutions Director at Esri; Duane Holt Director of GIS at IREA; Skye Perry, Founder and President at SSP Innovations; Corey Blakeborough, Sr. Software Consultant at SSP; Larry Young, Technical Product Manager at Esri (not pictured).

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When: Tuesday, April 18 @ 10 AM PST (1 PM EST)


Join Esri, SSP and Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) for a free 60-minute webinar, “Utility Network: Users Provide First Impression.” This webinar offers you an exclusive look at the first utility to get its hands on the Utility Network Beta, IREA, and what they thought of their experience. You’ll also get all this:

  1. Hear feedback and lessons learned from one of the first utilities, IREA, that got their hands on the Utility Network through SSP’s Utility Network Jumpstart.
  2. Get a live demo of the Utility Network from SSP to see what the product actually looks and feels like.
  3. Learn how your networked data can be safely migrated into the Utility Network to take full advantage of the new Utility Network features.
  4. Learn how the Utility Network connectivity model can support your utility for years to come.
  5. Review utility-specific tracing in the Utility Network.
  6. Take advantage of an opportunity to ask your questions to the Esri team.
  7. Learn how SSP can help you get started today with the Utility Network.
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Earlier this year, Esri launched the Utility Network Beta. In this webinar, you will hear from one of the first utilities to get their hands on the beta, IREA. Using the two-day intensive SSP Utility Network Jumpstart, IREA got trained on the Utility Network and ArcGIS Pro, and continues using their hosted Utility Network Jumpstart environment today.


Your free 60-minute webinar comes with a full demo of the Utility Network, so you become familiar with its look and feel. You’ll also have the opportunity to directly ask IREA and the Esri product team your questions. In addition, you will learn how you can also sign up to test-drive the Utility Network with SSP.

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Still wondering if you’ll benefit from this webinar? This webinar is aimed at providing more information to utilities wondering how the new Utility Network will usher in a new era of Utility GIS. To preview similar topics to what you’ll hear in this webinar, here is a video from Skye Perry explaining how electric tracing works in the new Utility Network.

Esri Utility Network Tracing in Action

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