How to Become a Superstar for Your Utility in 2 Weeks!

October 20, 2015 — Keith Freeman

DID YOU MISS THE WEBINAR? OH NO!  Not to worry!  A link to the webinar is below!

Esri and SSP Innovations Present a Free Webinar…

How to Become a Superstar for Your Utility in 2 Weeks!


Your presenters:  Bill Meehan (Utility Solutions Director, Esri), Skye Perry (Founder & President, SSP Innovations), & Nathaniel Everett (GIS Technical Lead at Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation – not pictured)

When…was it?:  OCTOBER 22nd @ 2pm EST (You may have missed it, but a link to the recording is directly below!)

Here you go! Click here to see a recording of our live webinar:


During this Free Webinar we’ll share with you how to become a GIS Superstar and along the way:  
  1. You’ll get an understanding of how the ArcGIS platform can transform your business
  2. You’ll see real examples of utility and telecom success and be shown the journey to implementing ArcGIS Online from start to finish
  3. You’ll see an example of how MTEMC (Middle Tennessee Electric) used a common business challenge to drive an ArcGIS Online solution
  4. You’ll see a demonstration of MTEMC’s ArcGIS Online solution for transformer load management
  5. You’ll know the key “gotchas” for a platform project
  6. You’ll discover how this first step can open other avenues for integrating GIS throughout your company
  7. You’ll explore business cases from around the country that have introduced ArcGIS to the entire organization

Traditionally, utility and telecommunications companies’ GIS operations are isolated, with GIS managers and analysts being the gatekeepers to all geospatial information. But with the evolutions of Esri’s ArcGIS platform, you can expand the adoption of GIS to virtually every corner of your business in a matter of weeks, not years.

Because you hold the keys to the ArcGIS platform, becoming a superstar within your utility is easier than you think.  Join Esri, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTEMC) and SSP Innovations to learn how you can turn your company’s challenges into a catalyst for empowering your entire organization with GIS.

The webinar will explore how one GIS project enabled MTEMC to transform the way GIS is used throughout the utility. You’ll learn how MTEMC visualizes peak customer consumptions information in ArcGIS Online via a thematic map.

MTEMC will also explain how field troubleshooters use Collector for ArcGIS to view the load profile for any transformer showing peak usage against transformer size.

All webinar attendees will be sent the following free giveaways:  (Darn you missed the webinar! While the Free 30 minutes of consulting is no longer being offered, if you ask really nicely we may provide the others) 😉

  1. Free 60-Day ArcGIS Online Trial
  2. Free 30 minutes of consulting (from SSP Innovations) to help you get up and running with the Esri ArcGIS Online Free trial
  3. Esri’s 47-page ‘The Business Benefit of GIS’ report
  4. Interactive ebook-version of Esri’s new book, ‘The ArcGIS Book”
  5. SSP Innovations’ new 80+ page Versioning ebook (available exclusively through this webinar only)

We Wrote the Book

The Indispensible Guide to ArcGIS Online

Download It for Free

Keith Freeman

Keith Freeman has over twenty (20) years of experience and education in marketing, technology and corporate operations.  At SSP Innovations, Keith is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of all of the marketing strategies while targeting existing and new markets.

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