SSP Welcomes Four New Team Members

June 9, 2016 — Shana Perry

SSP started 2016 with the goal of finding graduating go-getters who were ready to jump into our fast paced environment and make a real difference. It was an amazing experience traveling up and down the front range, meeting with hundreds of students, and gathering as many resumes!

Out of the many qualified grads we spoke with and interviewed, four stood out as the best of the best. We’re thrilled to welcome Joe Arnold, Sung Bae, Christie Frieg, and Corey Tokunaga-Reichert to the SSP family. We’ve asked them to share a bit about themselves in their own words.











Joe Arnold (UCCS)

“I graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science. I was first exposed to programming in High School, participating on a FIRST Robotics team. I instantly fell in love with computer science and decided to pursue it in college. I chose SSP because I love the culture of the company, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I enjoy the teamwork that the company encourages. On a personal level, I feel like everyone there is continually striving to be their best while still remembering to have fun. The balance between working and having fun is a hard one to find, but it seems like a lot of the people here are on the right track. I’m very excited to work at SSP and hone both my programming and my ping pong skills.”


Corey Tokunaga-Reichert (Colorado School of Mines)

“I decided to pursue computer science in school because computers have been a big part of my entire life, but I never knew exactly how they worked. When I got to college, the chance to learn about computers was a no brainer for me. Not only would I be able to learn more about how computers and the programs that run on them work, but I would be able to work with them and create these programs as well. When I’m not working, I enjoy watching professional and collegiate sports. I am a big football fan, as I used to play in high school. I also am an avid bowler, having competed at the collegiate level with my club team at Mines.  I still plan on competing in tournaments as I get older. As everyone at the office may have been able to guess from my Slack picture, I am a huge Pokemon fan. While I would not be able to list them in order, I would definitely be able to list every single Pokemon that exists! When it came to finding a place to work, SSP stuck out as a great place where I could learn a lot, work on interesting projects, and work in a fun and welcoming environment. I look forward to growing more in my time here at SSP.”


Sung Bae (CU Boulder)

“I started my college career at the University of Colorado Boulder as a Physics major, but once I took Intro to Programming, I never looked back. Coding and creating an application with working functionality has given me more satisfaction than any other problems in Physics. Spending countless hours on a project can be strenuous, but I am always self-driven to learn more and enhance my skills as a programmer. As an undergraduate working on the Data Systems team at LASP I have had my fair share of programming in a cubicle, staring at a computer screen 8 hours a day. I chose SSP Innovations because of their friendly work environment, team bonding activities, and high team morale; everyone is encouraging and very diligent about their work. I have made the right choice in joining SSP Innovations to nurture my growth as a Computer Scientist, and I am excited to be a part of a team that can contribute and create integrated solutions in Utilities and Telecom.


Christie Frieg (UCCS)

“Many people fit nicely into a single category, like “artist,” “gamer,” “outdoorsman,” or “nerd.” And while I most certainly deserve the “nerd” title, my upbringing allowed me to dabble in just about every activity I could imagine. I was homeschooled, and most of my early education consisted of reading or being read to. I would draw, sketch, bead, paint, sew, build with legos and erector sets and zoids, and even make glass beads with a blowtorch. (The blowtorch didn’t last long–it was too loud.) I took classical piano lessons for 11 years, as well as voice, choir, and opera lessons. My “sport” growing up was Taekwondo; I practiced for about 8 years, achieving my second-degree black belt. My most recent achievement (which I’m quite proud of) involved being the top scorer on my team in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, with a score of 23-1. Not to brag or anything. I’m beyond excited to join the team at SSP, and I look forward to many good memories made and goals accomplished!”


Please join us in welcoming Joe, Sung, Christie, and Corey as they begin this exciting next chapeter of their lives as members of the SSP team!

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