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The Simple Thing You Can Do Right Now to Prepare for the Utility Network

October 20, 2017 — Dean Perry

With its first production release expected in the very near future, Esri’s utility network technology is coming, and it will be a positive, significant transformation for the utility industry. Despite its impending arrival, many utilities are planning for making the move to the new technology in production in a later timeframe, starting in late 2017 through to 2021. And if you utilize SSP’s game-changing Sync solution, you will be able to make this transition over a period of time, on a schedule you are comfortable with, reducing risk with a smarter approach.

SSP's Custom Code Review & Roadmap lets you prepare for the utility network today, by proactively assessing your customizations & integrations with experts.

What can you do right now to prepare for the utility network?

Regardless of your expected timing, this isn’t a typical version upgrade project that you can take on without some serious planning. And the first part of that process, which you can reliably do right now, is to take stock of your customizations and integrations.

The updates to the legacy software include a redesign of the data models, database technology, and front-end software. Therefore, to successfully plan for a future state of your GIS that will continue to support your users, you need to take a look at every piece of custom code in your implementation and develop a plan for how to provide similar functionality in the new era. Then you’ll have a catalogue of all the non-core functionality you have today, which will help inform what you need to do before going live in production with the new system. And whether you plan to make your move in January of next year, or 2020, this is a task you can — and should — get out of the way now, as part of your planning process.

That’s why SSP created the Custom Code Review & Roadmap offering, available immediately to utilities, even before the end of the year. This straightforward, valuable services package starts with a complete documentation of each customization and integration at your organization. It concludes with a written recommendation detailing which components will be replaced by out-of-the-box utility network functionality, which will need to be migrated over, and the best-practice approach to doing so for each.

The Custom Code Review & Roadmap: A two-part package

Part 1: Custom Code Review

SSP will begin with an assessment of your custom code, including:

Systems Review: Evaluation of every customization and integration

GIS Workshop: Discussion of the business requirements associated with your custom code

Documentation: Catalogue of every piece of custom code’s location, development language, functionality, corresponding business requirements, and whether it’s currently operative

Part 2: Utility Network Preparation

SSP will complete the services by providing detailed written recommendations from our industry-leading utility network consultancy describing the best-practice strategy to include in your transition plan, for every component of custom code involved, including:

In Core: this custom code will be provided within out-of-the-box utility network / ArcGIS Pro, and can be safely retired from your codebase

Maintain: this custom code may continue to be used as-is (typically specific components)

Upgrade: this custom code will need to be upgraded in place

Rewrite: this custom code will need to be fully rewritten

As the services conclude, you’ll be armed with a critical input into your transition plan to the utility network, and one crucial step closer to taking advantage of this next-generation technology from Esri.

And remember, SSP continues to invest a lot of time and resources into maintaining a market-leading proficiency with the utility network & ArcGIS Pro technology, so that we can help utilities make the most of this exciting change. So you can trust that the advice you receive will be accurate, up-to-date with the latest strategy, and focused on precisely what you really need in the new world. SSP sales resources will even provide ballpark estimates for SSP to provide the recommended development services, upon request.

Please contact us to discuss your unique situation!

Download a PDF of the Custom Code Review & Roadmap details here.

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