Esri APR toolsAnswer the Questions Critical to Your Pipeline Operations

Your pipeline organization has a lot of questions to answer, especially today. Questions like, where exactly is your pipeline located? Or, do you have the data you need to successfully manage operational risk? Or even, how and when will UPDM play into your future plans? The SSP Innovations Pipeline Practice is ready to help you answer these questions. 

pipelineSetting Up the Right Technology & Architecture

Build the foundation of your GIS with a vision from pipeline experts. SSP can help you configure and deploy the leading Esri platform, including your desktop environment, web viewers, mobile applications, integrations, and more. In addition, if you are interested in the new ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR) tools or just have questions, our team has unmatched experience on the market to help you get started. By leveraging the full set of Esri tools, you create an opportunity to maximize your entire organization’s value from the platform you already use.

Create a Centralized System of Record

SSP can help you create a connected information environment where any user can view a single, accurate, geospatial view of your assets and their associated attributes. Regardless of where your information is stored today, and regardless of the number of various data sources, we can consolidate your information into a single geodatabase aligned with Esri’s evolving technology. This is a critical step to ensuring your GIS data supports your users, management, and regulators deep into the future.


Deploy More Strategic Integrity Management

The data stored in these complex schemas is only as good as your managed views into them. SSP has years of experience building and refining the data models that can let you run a variety of integrity management analytics. Whether you need to generate risk calculations (relative or probabilistic) or compare year-over-year snapshots for MOAP and HCA regulatory requirements, we can help. From simple, web-based editing maps to integrity-focused viewing and reporting applications, we can work with you to identify and implement the right tool to support all your unique viewing and reporting needs.

Why SSP for Pipeline GIS Services?

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The SSP Pipeline Practice has unmatched experience working with U.S. pipeline operators and gas transmission utilities, as well as the Esri product development team. Collectively, our consultants have managed data or implemented software for more than 150,000 miles of pipeline, and that number is growing every year. In addition to providing the popular services mentioned above, our experts are on-hand to answer conceptual questions, such as how future regulatory requirements are affecting the future of pipeline workflows. Contact us today to start your conversation.