SSP Utility Network Jumpstart

February 9, 2017 — Jessica Hartbauer  [0:57]

SSP’s Utility Network Jumpstart Gets You Hands-On Experience! With the SSP Utility Network Jumpstart, SSP staff comes to your office for a two-day workshop. We configure your licensing, connect you to our Utility Network sandbox, and walk you through common utility workflows with Esri sample data. The jumpstart gets you running in as little as one hour.

Learn even more about the SSP Utility Network Jumpstart program here.

Curious about the Esri utility network? Visit the ArcGIS Extension’s product page to learn more information. SSP Innovations’ staff is also on hand to answer any specific questions you have about the new utility network extension. Please reach out to us on our contact page, or leave us a message in the comments.

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Jessica Hartbauer

Jessica Hartbauer


  • Good afternoon – my name is mark bowen and i’m the director of gis and cmms at lehigh county authority, a medium sized water and wastewater provider in eastern pennsylvania. i recently watched a few ssp youtube videos regarding the transition from the geometric network to the utility network. lehigh county authority currently has an enterprise gdb that contains feature datasets that are part of the geometric network. we would like to transition to arcgis pro, but need to transition from the geometric network to the utility network before we can actually edit the gdb in arcgis pro. hope to hear some of the solutions offered!

    • Jessica Hartbauer says:

      Mark- thank you so much for reaching out. The account manager in our region will be reaching out ASAP. We look forward to talking with you more. Thanks again!

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