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Work Management By And For Utilities

Work Management for Utilities

SSP Lifecycle Assets, SSP Lifecycle Work

What if you could have a work management system (WMS) that was built for and by utilities, out of the box? At SSP Innovations, we had utility professionals design and build the leading work management system for utilities: SSP Lifecycle Work. Lifecycle Work enables the digital transformation at your utility by replacing the manual processes, paper-based tasks, and non-integrated workflows required to get work done with a seamless, intuitive digital experience. We also designed the product to be a tool your teams want to use, so we gave it a simple and elegant user interface that requires as few clicks as possible to get work done. Your users open a web browser and see a personalized dashboard with all the information and actions they need right in front of them – and nothing else. Thanks to its high degree of configurability and competitive cost, Lifecycle Work is quickly becoming the WMS of choice among digitally integrated utilities.

Lifecycle Work Product Features

SSP Lifecycle Work lets you configure the specific workflows, job types, and data elements related to the entire array of capital work and service requests utilities need to perform. Feature highlights include:

  • Complete Workflow Management
  • Intuitive Estimating
  • Compatible Unit (CU) Library
  • Project Tracking
  • Activity Tracking
  • Job Audit Panel
  • Reconciliation
  • Advanced Search

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