Lifecycle Assets

Full Lifecycle Management Of Rotating Assets

Manage the Full Lifecycle of Your Rotating Assets

SSP Lifecycle Assets, SSP Lifecycle Work

Rotating assets, which go in and out of service, are among a utility’s most valuable. The challenge of managing transformers, meters, and other rotating assets revolves around tracking a variety of lifecycle events. From inspections, testing, and maintenance, managing your assets’ lifecycle requires a dedicated system. SSP Lifecycle Assets is designed to track the complete lifecycle of a rotating asset, including its status, condition, operational cost, regulatory compliance, accounting details, and more. It simplifies reporting and helps utilities close the information gap to get on the same page. SSP Lifecycle Assets easily integrates with your GIS to read and write asset information directly to and from geospatial records. It also integrates with work management systems, like SSP Lifecycle Work, to streamline capitalization, depreciation, procurement, and design. Inquire today to learn more about SSP Lifecycle Assets.

Lifecycle Assets Product Features

Track the complete history of any asset: SSP Lifecycle Assets has a variety of features to help utilities track where things are and why it matters. Features include:

  • Asset Catalog
  • Asset Details (Nameplate, Inventory, Purchasing)
  • Asset Lifecycle (e.g., Install, Removal, Test Results)
  • Searching and Reporting
  • Powerful Integration Framework
  • (e.g., Accounting, Warehouse,
  • Work Management, Design)

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