Dennise Ramirez Receives Award

Dennise Ramirez Receives Award: Top Women in Energy

August 5, 2016 — Jessica Hartbauer

DENVER, Aug. 05, 2016 — Yet another award within SSP Innovations! Dennise Ramirez received the coveted Top Women in Energy award this past July.

This is the third annual Top Women in Energy award celebration and we’re thrilled (and not suprised!) that Dennise took home the award. Award winners were judged on experience and expertise, their impact on the Colorado energy industry, their inspirations and their commitment to giving back to the community. Congrats Dennise!

Dennise Ramirez Receives Award

Dennise Ramirez Receives Award



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Jessica Hartbauer

Jessica Hartbauer works as a Channel Manager and Marketing Specialist for SSP Innovations, a Utility & Telecommunications GIS consulting company in Centennial, Colorado.  Jessica has over 12 years of experience in the GIS industry working with clients and partners.

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