Douglas County Public Utility District (DCPUD)

Project Completed

INDUSTRY: Electric

SERVICES: Customization Implementation

Synergi Customization Improves Asset Integrity at DCPUD

Enterprise GIS Implementation Streamlines Work and Asset Management, Synergi CustomizationThe Need

DCPUD employees found themselves struggling with installation and maintenance in a legacy system. The organization needed a new system that could maintain its fiber data, analyze its engineering interface (Synergi, formerly SynerGEE), and work throughout all divisions with a mobile viewer component.

The Background

Douglas County Public Utility District (DCPUD) is a small utility in North Central Washington. Its 191-person team serves 19,000 electric meters and 2,684 fiber users along the Columbia River. The utility maintains 15 substations, 806 miles of overhead primary distribution lines, 437 miles of underground primary lines and over 26,000 poles.

The Challenge

DCPUD had outgrown its legacy system, a manual, antiquated way to manage its GIS. While its AutoCAD-based system could manage needs like GIS mapping, Work Order System, SSP Lifecycle Assets (formerly SSP Transformer Manager), Pole Manager, and Unitization, it did not respond well to rapid changes in the utility industry. DCPUD employees found themselves struggling with installation and maintenance, and the organization needed new technology to meet its clients’ demands.

To catch up to internal and industry needs, DCPUD needed a new system that could maintain its fiber data, analyze its engineering interface (Synergi, formerly SynerGEE), and work throughout all divisions with a mobile viewer component.

The Solution

DCPUD implemented SSP Lifecycle Work, which provided the utility with a work management system, work order administration, operating order system, Unitization, pole manager, and transformer manager. The customizations SSP provided during this project enabled the utility to implement photo & schematic managers, interface to Synergi, and enhanced reporting tools.Using knowledge and expertise in GIS consulting & product implementation, customer software development, system integration and Pioneers in Work Management, SSP led DCPUD through a comprehensive design process. The complete solution included ArcFM™ solution products such as ArcFM™, Designer™, Fiber Manager™, and ArcFM Viewer for Engine™ and SSP Lifecycle Work with customizations and implementation services provided by SSP.

SSP delivered a complete replacement of DCPUD’s current system. With other software vendors involved, SSP took the lead role in workflow discovery & documentation; Lifecycle Work data modeling and conversion; multiple site visits; constant communication via email, phone calls and web meetings; document design; customer approvals; product development; and, finally, testing.

“From the beginning, SSP walked through in detail the needs and the workflows of DCPUD which gave them the understanding to deliver a complete solution,” DCPUD’s Gene Ockinga said. “Any issues that arose were addressed immediately.”

The Results

Leaving behind a slow, manual process, DCPUD now leverages a Fiber Manager™ system that enabled automated maintenance and management of all its fiber networks. In addition, DCPUD’s new Synergi interface allows its employees to work more efficiently in a unified work model. All divisions within the organization, including the Engineering team and IT team, are connected and working well together. “This project was massive and of course had its hurdles, but in the end the reason for success was the delivery lead by SSP Innovations,” Ockinga said. DCPUD’s complete solution redesign has been running smoothly since early December 2012.