Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

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Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

SSP Innovations acquired TC technology on July 2, 2018. The following content was created prior to the acquisition.

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) is a customer-owned electric utility that serves more than 156,000 customers in suburban and rural Maryland counties southeast of Washington DC.

SMECO targets false outages. Outage Management Systems require an accurate GIS network model. When information is missing or incorrect, false outages inflate the numbers reported to the Public Service Commission. SMECO’s goal was to reduce reported outages by improving GIS data quality.

SMECO benefits from automated system inspections. Using MIMS Field, crews performed GPS-powered inspections of the entire distribution system. Field workers entered corrections using simple forms that also initiated needed repairs by creating maintenance jobs and engineering work orders.

Overall, SMECO completed 2000+ phasing data corrections and initiated 3000+ maintenance jobs. These corrections helped to significantly reduce the number of outages reported to the Maryland Public Service Commission. A notable key metric of the success of the initiative is a System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) trending towards 1.