digital iLLUMINATE: Supporting Utility Network Phase Propagation with Pro Templates

Virtual | Aug 06, 2020

Attribute Propagation is the generic name for advanced functionality built into Esri’s core Utility Network capable of automatically assigning and managing the values of a network attribute. When the attribute represents the phase value of lines and equipment in an electric network, Phase Propagation adjusts the phases in response to switching operations. Phase Propagation produces the expected phasing values only if the underlying network model is built to support this advanced functionality. The first part of this paper discusses the details of a Phase Propagation capable model; such as:

  • Characteristics of the Phases Current network attribute
  • Configuration of a phase propagator
  • Management of initial propagated and updated phase values
  • Establishing the correct connectivity associations The second part of this paper describes how SSP’s catalog of Pro Templates facilitates editing an electric network so that phase values are managed by Phase Propagation

August 6, 2020
10am PT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET

Joaquin Madrid, Ph.D.
Solution Architect | SSP Innovations
Joaquin Madrid is Senior Solutions Architect with SSP Innovations, specializing in all aspects of enterprise applications for utilities; currently focused on Esri Utility Network.