digital iLLUMINATE: Location Based MIMS Structure Inspection – A Regulatory Story

Virtual | Jul 23, 2020

PHMSA recommends operators frequently and consistently review their data that supports HCA or DOT Class calculations. Key datasets include structure, identified sites, or outdoor congregation polygons. The attribution, purpose, and usage of buildings, open structures, and outside areas can shift over time, changing the number of “identified sites” in a PIR, and therefore, whether an area is an HCA. PHMSA believes that if operators review class location and PIR data on an annual basis as a part of their IM programs, the accuracy of HCA determinations will be greatly improved.

To accomplish these goals, SSP has supported clients in a streamlined implementation of the MIMS Inspection platform. This session will cover the primary regulatory requirements and how MIMS can be configured/deployed across the enterprise. Various features including location-based inspections, user edit triggers, and distance to pipeline show how operators can record all MOC across the yearly structure update.

July 23, 2020
10am PT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET

Mike Rogers
GIS Consultant | SSP Innovations
Mike Rogers works as a GIS Consultant, specializing in configuring MIMS Mobile to gather inspections and data in the field, at the GIS consulting company SSP Innovations in Centennial, Colorado.

Clarke Wiley
Director of Pipeline | SSP Innovations
Clarke Wiley is the Director of Pipeline at the Utility, Telecommunications and Pipeline GIS consulting company SSP Innovations in Centennial, Colorado and has been working in GIS pipeline software solutions, integrity management and data management for over 10 years.