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Whether you work at a utility, telecommunications company, or municipality, Fiber Manager™ Shortcuts & Hints from SSP Innovations is going to become your go-to reference literature for getting work done in Fiber Manager™. The eBook is divided into four sections, designed to help you implement and manage your fiber network: “Managing Bandwidth,” “Application Tips and Tricks,” “Flexible Data Model,” and “Managing Fiber Favorites.”

Your free, 82-page eBook comes filled with anecdotes, diagrams, real-world statistics, step-by-step solutions, and how-to screenshots.


Inside This eBook You Will Learn About

  • Creating and Allocating Circuits
  • Performing Logical Circuit Provisioning
  • Enhancing Bandwidth on Existing Infrastructure
  • Reducing Fiber Attenuation
  • Training New Staff (with Exclusive Free Exercises)
  • Collecting Field Data (with Collector for ArcGIS)
  • Resolving Broken Geometric Network Rules


About Your Authors

  • Fiber Manager™ Shortcuts & Hints was conceived to help answer the most common questions asked by SSP Innovations’ clients. The comprehensive 82-page guide offers tips, tricks, and best practices for approaching today’s top telecommunications challenges on the Esri geospatial platform. We hope you also get to know the SSP contributors behind each chapter, like “Fiber Attenuation: Not a Breakfast Cereal,” which were crafted not just to be teaching devices but also to do so in a way that keeps you smiling as you read. We hope you enjoy this valuable, referenceable, free resource.

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