Top 5 SSP Employee Blogs in 2021

January 11, 2022 — Carrie Turner

Every year we like to pull a report on most read SSP employee blogs. This year the Top 5 articles range from ArcMap to Big Sky County. Take a look below at the top most-read blog posts in 2021.

The ArcMap Era Comes to an End. What does this mean for you?
An article written in November 2020 by Skye Perry leads the list as the most visited blog post in 2021. Here Skye discusses the options for transitioning off ArcMap.
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GIS feature types, How long is a coordinate degree

Lesser-Known GIS Feature Types: Multipoint, Multipatch & Dimension
Surprisingly this article was written and published on January 23, 2017 by Brian Higgins! However, it’s a relatively timeless article on GIS features that’s a quick read.
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Global IDs – The More You Know
Stephen Hudak articles get a lot of interest because they are entertaining and sometimes insightful. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that this is the first of two articles of Stephen’s that made it into the Top 5.
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What Does Esri’s Network Management Release Plan Mean For You?
A timely article from October this year, written by Adam Tonkin. This blog was published shortly after Esri announced a new Network Management Release Plan. Adam provides helpful information for what the new plan means for your organization.
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Is Montana’s “Big Sky” Bigger Than Your Sky?
The final article in the Top 5 is a second article by Stephen Hudak. Again an entertaining and educational topic on how we perceive Montana’s sky to be big.
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Do you have a topic you would like to write on? Or you would like us to focus on a subject in the new year? Let us know! We welcome your feedback.

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