SSP from A to Z: Why 2016 Was a Milestone Year

December 26, 2016 — Keith Freeman Jessica Hartbauer

Wow. What an incredible year at SSP!

From growing our team size, additional service lines, increased customer satisfaction, new product offerings, additional free downloads, and a moving to a larger office space, 2016 was a year to remember. From A to Z we experienced significant growth!

Today, we’d like to look back on the year that was — A to Z style!

SSP from A to Z! Our 2016 Milestones, In Alphabetical Fashion



SSP releases SSP TV. Be it educational, conference recaps, conference presentations, our webinar with Esri and Middle Tennessee, to our famous music video, we’ve created almost 40 videos. At over 15,000 views…yeah, you’re missing out if you haven’t perused this incredible resource. Do NOT forget to watch the outtakes at the end of our WhiteBoard Videos!

SSP TV YouTube


= Best Places to Work Award



Beyond winning The Best Places to Work award, we could create an entire blog post featuring pictures that show why SSP is one of the best places to work. Below, just a few!

SSP Best places to work 


= Cityworks Partnership & Cityworks User Conference

Wonder Twin powers activate! We’re hoping some of you understood that reference! We created a powerful integration between our Workforce Management product (WFM) and Cityworks Asset Management System (AMS). Here’s a video explanation! Below, just a handful of pics from our attendance at the Cityworks Conference.


SSP ryan and skye


= Denver Broncos 

Did you know that our offices are just a stone’s throw from Broncos practice facility? I know, so cool! Just before the Denver/Carolina Superbowl we grabbed the team and headed over there to show our support! GO BRONCOS!

= Esri Partner Conference Award 

SSP Innovations received its second Esri Partner Conference (EPC) award for excellence in Web GIS expansion. An honor bestowed to only eight Esri partners per year.  Check it out here!

= Florida Gators 

For the second year in a row, we won The Gator100 Award, an award that honors the 100 fastest growing Gator-led or Gator-owned companies in the world. We were even interviewed by NPR!

Late breaking news — we’ve just been notified that we’ve won it yet again for the third year in a row (2015, 2016, 2017)!


= GeoConX 2016

Our biggest conference of the year! Did it go well? Did we have a great time? Did we represent? Yes, yes, and yes!

Our GeoConX Esri roadmap made it all the way to the Esri office in Redlands…

= Happiness

If there’s one asset we’re not in short supply of at SSP it’s smiles and happiness.


= I’m on a BOAT 

How many companies pay for all their employees to fly and take a 4-day cruise? Yeah, we haven’t heard of it either. 🙂

= Jumpstart

This year we added to our existing Jumpstart capabilities with the Utility Network Jumpstart. A Jumpstart where we come to your office for a two-day workshop, configure your licensing, connect you to our Utility Network sandbox, and walk you through common utility workflows with Esri sample data.

SSP Innovations Utility Network Jumpstart Package

Why get experience with Esri’s Utility Network during its beta release?

Why get your hands on the Esri Utility Network beta right now? SSP Innovations explains the critical value of adopting early.

= Keystone 

If you were at the GeoConX conference and came by our booth, you know we were giving away a week-long trip to Keystone, Colorado!

And the winner was James Steves from Coserv. Congrats to James; we will see you in Colorado!

= Libation 

You already know we’ve won a Best Places to Work award (above). We feel our work hard, play hard attitude was one of the many factors in this win!

 = Mobility  

We hosted renowned home experts Grace and Corbett Lunsford and their high performance tiny house on wheels (THOW) to Centennial this year. Their mission is simple: to revolutionize the home market by teaching consumers and contractors alike to use scientific testing to prove the work gets done to quality standards.

= See NO evil. Hear NO evil. Speak NO evil.

With the help from our friends at Sempra this became the theme we had fun with!

= Oh, the places you’ll go (and speak)

We spoke at more conferences this year than any before. If you work here, prepare to accelerate your career and speak at the top conferecnes with the best customers in the industry!

 = Pipeline Conferences

SSP attended several pipeline conference in 2016 including; Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management (PPIM), Esri PUG, Pipeline Week and Houston Regional PUG.

There were a couple of firsts for SSP Innovations and pipeline conferences. With the new addition of the SSP Pipeline Practice…this all made sense!  It was the first time SSP has attended as an organization and it was the first time SSP has presented at a pipeline conference.  If you happened to miss the presentation, or couldn’t make the conferences, make sure to check it out!

Lastly, it was a first time for SSP’s Skye Perry to attend PUG and get inundated into the pipeline/petroleum GIS sector.  After years of attending Esri partner conferences, UCs and EGUGs, it was great to have Skye in Houston for PUG event and to introduce him to long time pipeline colleagues.

PUG Plenary Crowd

= Quarterly Events

Repeating our work hard, play hard theme, each quarter we have an all hands on deck company meeting. Afterwards…a sample…

= Recruiting 

SSP attended over 10 career fairs in the Spring and Fall of 2016. We added 9 new employees to the SSP team. We are honored to have employees join our team and look forward to continuing that growth in 2017.

Career Fair


= Small Business Award 

The Denver Business Journal awarded the outstanding metro businesses with fewer than 75 employees that achieved heights in revenue and growth.

= Top Golf 

Have we mentioned work hard, play hard yet? Just in case we haven’t, we had our Employee Appreciation Event at Top Golf this year!

Top Golf lessons…They worked because Dennise did well!


= User Conference 

Esri’s largest conference of the year. From a packed booth of customers and employees, multiple speaking engagements, a customer appreciation event, ribbons (yes, ribbons), partner meetings, late nights, networking, roaming the Gas Lap District, and so much more, we were there!

Jack even stopped by the booth to check out our ribbons!

= Vacuuming

We’ve all heard that you’ll wear multiple hats when you work at a small company, but Skye takes it to another level! If he’s not speaking at conferences, giving a keynote speech, sitting on an Esri board, presenting solutions to customers and prospects, getting his hands dirty in project work…he’s getting his hands dirty vacuuming. Yep, vacuuming…and patching a wall destroyed by an epic ping pong game. Skye does it all.

 = Women in Energy – Dennise Ramirez won Top Women in Energy Award!

Yet another award within SSP Innovations! Dennise Ramirez received the coveted Top Women in Energy award this past July. Award winners were judged on experience and expertise, their impact on the Colorado energy industry, their inspirations and their commitment to giving back to the community. Congrats Dennise!

 = Xmas Party

If you ever find yourself attending our annual company Christmas party, you’ll find yourself entered into the company pool and ping pong tournament. Serious business!

 = YOUR feedback is important 

Hearing the feedback from our fantastic customers means everything to us. Validating all the hard work we do (and that they do! It’s a two-way street!). Want to see what are customers say about us? Click here!


= Zillions

Ok…maybe we stretched that number a little. But, seriously, we gave so many Utility Network demos at GeoConX, it’s hard to count. As well, it was incredibly crowded every time a Utility Network demo started!

That’s a wrap on 2016 but we look forward to an amazing 2017!

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Keith Freeman

Keith Freeman has over twenty (20) years of experience and education in marketing, technology and corporate operations.  At SSP Innovations, Keith is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of all of the marketing strategies while targeting existing and new markets.

Jessica Hartbauer

Jessica Hartbauer works as a Channel Manager and Marketing Specialist for SSP Innovations, a Utility & Telecommunications GIS consulting company in Centennial, Colorado.  Jessica has over 12 years of experience in the GIS industry working with clients and partners.

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