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SSP Lifecycle: Work and Asset Management for Utilities

October 2, 2017 — Ian Martin
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We’ve all seen the commercials during the football match or the basketball game. They conclude with something like, “I’m Ian and I’m an SSP’er.” I bet you didn’t know that ad was selling a work and asset management solution to you. Traditional work and asset management solutions are typically marketed as comprehensive solutions that address multiple business needs within a utility with the express goal of reducing operating costs and increasing the performance and lifespan of critical utility infrastructure assets. However, when faced with the reality of implementation costs, data availability, organizational bias or business process needs; most utilities compromise on how to implement the work and asset management software they have purchased. Some utilities choose to implement asset-based solutions and others choose to deploy work-based solutions. In many instances, utilities never recognize the true value of their investment in comprehensive work and asset management solutions.

The Status Quo: Work versus Assets

In cases where a utility favors a work-based approach, asset management tends to become reactive. The asset is placed in service and then run to failure with maintenance scheduled only when occasional inspections necessary for regulatory compliance purposes turn up a critical issue. This is not to say that the asset-based approach is better from an operations standpoint.

When a utility implements a solution favoring an asset-based approach, there can oftentimes be an over-emphasis on costly, time-based preventative maintenance that proves unnecessary based on actual asset condition and wastes precious equipment and labor resources. Finally, internal conflict over the system of record for asset information often makes the efficient capture and utilization of asset data manually intensive and difficult, if not impossible.

The New Paradigm: Utility Focused Work and Asset Management

The efficient utilization of material, labor and equipment is important to the effective management of energy and utility assets. A condition-based maintenance approach that recognizes a lifecycle work and asset management continuum is now recognized as the best approach to managing utility work and assets. The traditional work and asset management products offered by the big companies advertising to us over the weekend certainly get the job done, but they don’t necessarily do it in a timely, cost effective or efficient manner. At SSP, we think we have the answer for any utility company that needs a comprehensive work and asset management solution.

Why? We believe that traditional work and asset management solutions are mired in years of accumulated technical debt that constrains how they are used and limits their value. We challenge that status quo, and we’ve shifted the paradigm to be utility focused.

How? We transform work processes with simple, smart and streamlined utility work and asset management solutions using our innovative products and expert services delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

What? SSP Lifecycle. Lifecycle provides utility companies with a configurable and adaptable application that works the way their business works through the application of flexible, vertically-specific workflows, and powerful asset management capabilities.

The Answer: A Simple, Smart and Streamlined Solution

If you’re considering a work and asset management system to replace the green screen or paper and spreadsheets you use today, try Lifecycle and you’ll get a simple, smart and streamlined solution. If you’re struggling to recognize the value of traditional work and asset management solutions, challenge the status quo and try Lifecyle. If you’re considering how to align and unify your business processes, change the paradigm and try Lifecycle.

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