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SSP Innovations Award: Second EPC Award Received for Web GIS Expansion

May 6, 2016 — Keith Freeman

Web GIS Award LogoDENVER, May 06, 2016 — SSP Innovations this year received its second Esri Partner Conference (EPC) award — a 2016 EPC award for excellence in Web GIS expansion. Esri honors just eight partners for dedicated applications of GIS toward solving real-world problems at its annual Palm Springs conference. The industry-leading GIS provider acknowledged SSP for providing “utilities and telecommunication companies with GIS for data, workforce, and transformer lifecycle management and develop[ing] and deploy[ing] custom solutions.”

“Esri partners have succeeded in improving the ways people live and work,” Esri president Jack Dangermond said. “Esri is privileged to recognize our most distinguished partners.”

Last year, at SSP we were privileged to receive our first EPC award for Esri ArcGIS Online implementation. This year, we feel humbled to keep the momentum going. The past year provided countless opportunities to help utilities and telecommunications companies across the country leverage the full value of their Web GIS.

We’re looking at the next year with even more excitement as we add on a growing pipeline footprint across the nation’s leading and growing pipeline operators, helping them leverage the full value of the Esri platform.

SSP was an early adopter of the ArcGIS Online technology, and we continue viewing this platform as an opportunity to both educate and demonstrate the powerful value of Esri ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online.

We have focused on our three-pronged pattern to ensure the technology is successful: Expose new data to the organization, Collect new data points from the organization, and Empower your business workflows through reporting, geo-processing, and systems integration. This pattern has been implemented at many customer sites using an optimized architecture that ensures the customer’s data is kept securely behind the firewall.

We bring a consultative approach to help customers realize immediate value from the new technology while significantly increasing their total ROI for GIS as a whole.

If you’ve read our other recent conference blog posts, you know what’s coming: a pictoral capturing of the amazing gathering we had in Palm Springs!

Esri Rainbow

Above: Upon arrival to the plenary, a very good rainbow foreshadows the great times ahead at the Esri Partner Conference.

Esri Partner Conference Award List

The 2016 list of Esri Partner Confernce award winners. A very good sight to see!  Congrats to all award winners.

Esri E380 Award Interview

This year at the Esri Partner Conference, all E380 interviews of EPC award winners were conducted out amongst everyone on the conference floor.

EPC Web GIS Award SSP Picture 2016

From left to right: Dean Angelides (Esri), Keith Freeman, Skye Perry, EPC Award (being held), Jack Dangermond (Esri), Dean Perry, Clarke Wiley, and Chris Cappelli (Esri)

Esri Partner Conference Web GIS Award 2016

And of course, a close up of our fearless leader (Skye) photobombing the EPC Award!

See everyone at GeoConX in October!

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Keith Freeman

Keith Freeman has over twenty (20) years of experience and education in marketing, technology and corporate operations.  At SSP Innovations, Keith is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of all of the marketing strategies while targeting existing and new markets.

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