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SSP All Edits Report As A GDBM Action Handler

January 2, 2014 — Skye Perry

The SSP All Edits Report and QA Tool continues to be one of our most popular products and is being used by utilities across the country. As the saved reporting capabilities have expanded to include saving both attribute and shape data for later viewing, many more utilities have been interested in creating an Auto All Edits report which could be generated via a Batch, Reconcile, and Post (BRP) engine or Schneider Electric’s Geodatabase Manager™ (GDBM).

Our early response to this requirement was to expose the All Edits Report via Process Framework (PX) Subtask within the Schneider framework. This allowed users to configure the functionality to run on any session or design event (save, reconcile, post, etc). The PX framework would pass the current edit version to the subtask and the Auto All Edits Report was then generated off of that version.

The PX subtask could then be added as a task to the GDBM service as shown below:

Add Task

The user simply entered the Task name as it was set up in the Process Framework Admin Tool and the functionality would fire automatically based on a batch post event. This worked very well in previous releases of GDBM but we were recently rolling out the All Edits Report on top of ArcFM™ 10.0.2 and found a bug/issue.

Previously GDBM would correctly pass the edit version into the subtask to be processed by our application. However, at this release GDBM was instead passing the SDE.Default version which (for obvious reasons) did not allow us to process all the changes in the version.

Interestingly, when the subtask is fired within ArcMap or via Session Manager or Workflow Manager, it still works fine. The problem appears to only occur when the subtask is fired within the context of GDBM.

To fix this problem we quickly went to work to expose the same Auto All Edits functionality via a GDBM Action Handler. As you can see in the above screenshot you can add either a PX Task or an Action Handler to the various events in GDBM. The Action Handler fires the exact same All Edits processing but is exposed through a different Schneider Electric interface which does work correctly in the latest versions of ArcFM™/GDBM.

Our default product install now includes the Action Handler in addition to the PX subtask. Minimal additional configuration is required to allow GDBM to access the action handler via updates to the GDBM configuration file. After adding the SSP reference, the new All Edits Action Handler can be added to the After Reconcile event of the Reconcile or Post process within GDBM:

Add Action Handler

While we expose the Action Handler on both the Reconcile and Post process we will warn you that configuring the All Edits Report on the reconcile process will have significant performance impacts on your geodatabase that may cause undesired results.

The reasoning is that you likely run the reconcile of all versions every day (or even multiple times during the day) and you don’t necessarily want the performance impact of extracting and reporting all version changes in each version every day. By configuring the Action Handler within the Post process you get the benefit of having a single report generated before each session or design is posted.

We have exposed the All Edits Action Handler on the After Reconcile event because this will ensure that there are no conflicts in the version. This is a requirement of the All Edits Report and we are simply letting GDBM take care of the reconcile before reaching our Action Handler.

The All Edits Report can be saved off in the same two formats as the PX Subtask. The first will save the report to the geodatabase (attributes and shape data). The second will export the report to a text file format (attributes only).

If you configure the database option you must create the corresponding SSP All Edits tables in your database (per the documentation), and if you utilize the file format you must further configure a UNC folder location that is accessible to both the GDBM process as well as any users who may want to review the reports.

At SSP we always strive to ensure our products are compatible and supported on the latest Esri and Schneider Electric releases and when we hit a bump we work quickly to find an acceptable workaround. If you are an All Edits user and are interested in using the Action Handler please don’t hesitate to give us a ring!

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