Sneak Preview of Sync!

March 20, 2018 — Adam Tonkin

Now that utility network has been released, the questions we’re asked have evolved from “What is the Utility Network Management Extension” to “How do I get there”. For many Utilities, the thought of moving their data, integrations and users from a system that they’ve invested so much time in is daunting. What goes first? Can I do it all at once? How long will this take?

For months SSP has been promoting the idea of a ‘step-wise’ approach to the migration to the utility network through the use of a tool that we had started to architect in Q3 last year called SSP Sync. You can see SSP Sync described here in part 1 and here in part 2 of my blog post.

We spent Q3/Q4 prototyping various options, but really began development in earnest with the pre-release candidate late last year and have been hard at work since.

While we still have development to do, we’ve had many requests to ‘show something’ beyond our slides. So here it is – a sneak preview of SSP Sync and our work to date. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. We’ll be showing a lot more at SSP Illuminate. Be sure to join us for the SSP hosted conference to learn more and ask questions in-person!

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