Oracle 12.1 IMPDP Error Workaround

October 5, 2018 — Jeff Buturff

Oracle’s DATAPUMP system is a common way for DBAs to move databases from one instance to another.  For example, DATAPUMP can be used to move a Production database back into a TEST/DEV instance.  Or to provide vendors such as SSP with a copy of their Oracle database.  The DATAPUMP system has two commands:  EXPDP (for exporting a database to a file), and IMPDP (for importing that file into the Oracle database).

Recently, SSP Innovations and Esri have discovered a bug when using Oracle’s IMPDP Data Pump tool to import a database.  Only Oracle 12.1 is affected by this issue.


Running an IMPDP, receives the following error:

Because of the two highlighted error codes, the SDE.ST_SPATIAL_INDEX type doesn’t get imported.  Any subsequent spatial indexes fail to create, and will show the following error in the IMPDP logfile:


Doing a schema compare between a working Geodatabase and an imported database, there are two missing or corrupt types in the SDE schema:


To work-around this issue, you will need to run the IMPDP twice.

The first run of IMPDP should only import the SDE schema, like:

Running this command will still give you the two ORA- errors, as shown above.  We will need to repair the SDE schema:

From an ArcGIS Desktop installation, find the following four SQL scripts from C:\Program Files (x86)\arcgis\Desktop10.2\lib\.   Run these scripts as the SDE user, and supply the SDE argument:

Now that the SDE types are fixed, we need to recreate the spatial index type.  Run the following SQL command as SDE:

Your SDE schema should now be repaired and ready to go.

The last step is to run the IMPDP command again.  You can run a full IMPDP and exclude the SDE schema with the following syntax:

All your tables should be successfully imported, and more importantly, all your spatial indexes should be functioning correctly!

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