SSP Replay and SSP Delta

Meet the SSP Replay and SSP Delta Product Team

November 27, 2017 — Matthew Stuart Colton Frazier

As we mentioned in August, a few old SSP products have new names. “Transformer Manager” is now “SSP Lifecycle Assets“. “WFM” is now “SSP Lifecycle Work“. And “NBS” is now “SSP Maintenance“. (See SSP Innovations Rebrand is Announced Ahead of GeoConX 2017 for more information and a cheatsheet.) In addition, the “SSP All Edits State Zero” and “SSP All Edits Repssp-wfm-workforce-managementort” products have become “SSP Replay and SSP Delta”.

As part of this rebranding effort, we have identified product teams that will “own” the products and make enhancements to them over time. In this article, we will introduce the team for two such products: SSP Replay (formerly SSP All Edits State Zero) and SSP Delta (formerly SSP All Edits Report).

First, a quick definition of both SSP Replay and SSP Delta.

  • SSP Replay and SSP DeltaSSP Replay helps utilities make large-scale updates to their production environment without losing their versions or the edits within them. Replay extracts versioned data for safekeeping throughout the process of getting to State Zero. Once the data is safely stored in SSP proprietary tables, SSP will delete the original version, perform a compress, and take the database to State Zero for (as an example) planned maintenance to occur. Once the maintenance is completed, SSP Replay puts the versions back into the production environment with the original edits in intact.
  • SSP Replay and SSP DeltaSSP Delta is a tool that helps utilities understand all the changes made in the geodatabase. It lets you visualize adds, deletes, and updates within your versions. It also lets you query all your stored edits. You can, for example, search a feature’s audit history across multiple versions to when it was created, updated, and deleted. You can also restore features that have been deleted in the past.

We have a technical lead and a product manager overseeing these products. If you have worked with SSP on either All Edits State Zero or All Edits Report in the past, these names might be familiar to you.

Your SSP Replay and SSP Delta Product Team

Colton Frazier, Technical Lead. Colton has been with SSP for almost three years and, in that time, has worked on several Replay and Delta projects, including at NiSource, CPS, and CoServ. His job will be to maintan and enhance the product from the technical side. As the list of enhancements grows, Colton will be bringing in other SSP developers to assist with the work.

Matthew Stuart, Product Manager. The better looking of the two, Matt has been with SSP for almost five years and has worked on many of the same projects as Colton. His job will be to make sure that each enhancement Colton designs, develops, and deploys is done on time and under budget. Matt will be keeping a detailed project schedule of each enhancement, and also working with the Director of Operations to make sure that the right resources are available to assist Colton if needed.

As we unveil new enhancements to either product above, we will be describing them in more detail here. One such enhancement can be found here: Speed Improvements for SSP’s Replay.

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