How We Made Our All Edits Tool Even Better

May 11, 2015 — John Coleman

SSP is excited to announce two new enhancements to our All Edits tool!  The first enhancement came from a suggestion from the GIS team at CoServ.  They needed a way to “raise deleted features from the dead.”

Normally, when a feature is deleted, a user must recreate the feature by hand, entering all of the attributes manually.  Our goal was to allow a GIS administrator to restore this delete in one step.  The second enhancement came about from a discussion with Esri about the inner functionality of their methods for inserting features into the database.

They noted a potentially large decrease in running time for a process in the All Edits tool.  We implemented the new methods and found a significant performance increase.

Our newest improvement to the All Edits tool is the Restore Deletes button.  This tool will allow users to restore unwanted deletes with just a click of a button.  This will allow the user to restore any unwanted deletes in their version with just a single click.

With the exceptions of Object ID, Creation User and Creation Date, the newly restored object or feature has all of the attributes of its predecessor. This includes the shape for feature classes.  This will greatly cut down on design review time, as Designer™s and design reviewers can restore the data with a single click rather than going through the trouble of manually drawing a new feature with the same attributes.

When a user selects a deleted record from the All Edits window, they can click on the Restore Delete button to create a replica of the deleted feature or object in the current version.

We implemented Esri’s recommended changes to the All Edits tool, then asked the folks at IREA to evaluate the performance increase in their enterprise environment.  They tested the All Edits tool by adding 542 poles and 860 related maintenance records for those poles, then running the save edits command. The results were surprising:

  • Without enhancement: 6 minutes and 33 seconds
  • With enhancement: 17 seconds

The tool cut down on 6 minutes and 16 seconds of time (23 times faster).  This enhancement allows even the largest of jobs to be processed in a timely manner.  Additionally, these enhancements can be made to any batch process that performs large amounts of edits.  You can expect an increase in performance in all our future products.

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John Coleman

John Coleman works as a Software Consultant for a Utility & Telecommunications GIS consulting company SSP Innovations in Centennial, Colorado. John has 3 years of experience, specializing in software development, GIS, electric and gas utilities systems integration, and fiber system development.

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