Esri GeoConX 2017

Esri GeoConX 2017: A Look Back in Photos

September 28, 2017 — Jessica Hartbauer

Esri GeoConX 2017 Recap Video

Esri GeoConX 2017 Highlights

Highlights from an remarkably crowded booth, several speaking engagements, a customer appreciation event and so much more … check it out! 

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Traveling to GeoConX 2017

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Offically landed in Chicago, ready for a week with customers, partners, and friends.

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Arrived at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago

Esri GeoConX 2017Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Prepping for the conference…Ready to host SEVERAL customer demos throughout the week.

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Esri welcome social kicks off the first night of GeoConX 2017.

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Let the conference begin!

Esri GeoConX 2017

Esri GeoConX 2017Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Another great Esri plenary

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Time to set-up the SSP booth, our soon to be home for the week!

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) We are ready to go! Let the meetings and demos begin!

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) Booth is about to open, let the expo hours begin!

Esri GeoConX 2017

Esri GeoConX 2017

Esri GeoConX 2017

Esri GeoConX 2017

(Above) A crowded booth all afternoon, great event!

(Above) Adam Tonkin Demoing in the SSP booth. If you weren’t there let us know and we can discuss with you what we showed at the conference

(Above) Skye discussing the new SSP tool for the Utility Network, SSP Sync.

(Above) The SSP Customer Appreciation event is about to kick off.

(Above) Customers and partners from all over join SSP at Villians to celebrate our work together.

(Above) Thumbs up

(Above) What a great group of people at the SSP party!

(Above) Smile and cheers to great friends!

(Above) Great spending time with the team from Sempra.

(Above) SO many beer choices…

(Above) Selfie by Erik Hoel

(Above) SMILE!

(Above) Cheers to a wonderful night, thanks to everyone for coming!

SSP Presentations

Duane Holt (IREA) & John Coleman (SSP) present – What’s It Like to Use the Utility Network – click here to view the ppt.


(Above) Andrew McColgan (MLGW) & Clarke Wiley (SSP) presenting – UPDM & APR Implementation for Gas Transmission. View ppt. presentation here.

(Above) Joaquin and Butch present on our joint project at Coserv – play the ppt. here – Outside of the Box Integrations

(Above) Esri hosted the entire conference at the White Sox game, Cheers to Baseball!

(Above) Thanks Esri for a great event!

(Above) Esri takes the stage to close out GeoConX 2017.

(Above) GeoConX 2018 has been annouced – Dallas | November 5-8, 2018 – SSP will see you there!

In Summary, GeoConX 2017 was an amazing conference. SSP left with a lot of exciting new adventures ahead. The Utility Network was a big focus for SSP at this show, and it will not stop there. Continue to follow us and ask quesitons as the Utility Network path continues.

Thanks to all our customers and good friends for a wonderful conference with GeoConX 2017. SSP will be there next year and we look forward to seeing you in Dallas. 

Thanks, Esri, for another GREAT conference. 

See you next year in 2018!

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Jessica Hartbauer

Jessica Hartbauer works as a Channel Manager and Marketing Specialist for SSP Innovations, a Utility & Telecommunications GIS consulting company in Centennial, Colorado.  Jessica has over 12 years of experience in the GIS industry working with clients and partners.

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