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Lifecycle Work and Assets: So Happy Together

December 22, 2017 By: Chris Sanders

You knew it was coming, right? The writing was on the wall. All the signs were there. There was always a magnetic attraction. Well, it finally happened. Lifecycle Work (formally…

Esri Utility Network – The Official Product Name

December 8, 2017 By: Skye Perry

We’ve been blogging about Esri’s utility network since mid-2016 including a review of the data model, the core technology, and how this new product will revolutionize the way our utility customers use…

SSP Replay Speed: Recent Product Improvements

We are always striving to improve our products. In this article, we look at speed improvements we recently made to the Replay (formerly AES0).

SSP Client Spotlight: Our Field Trip To IREA

December 7, 2017 By: Justin Rowsell

Earlier this year, eight of SSP’s employees took a field trip to IREA, a local utility whose initials stand for Intermountain Rural Electric Association. SSP has a long standing, working…

Web GIS and Service-Oriented Architecture: Accelerating Change

December 6, 2017 By: Bill Bott

Esri had steadily advanced and extended their service-oriented architecture (SOA) offerings; coined the term “Web GIS” and accelerated GIS offerings like ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS for Server, and services (e.g., geocoding,…

Circuit Display Tool Displays Individual Circuits In ArcMap

By: Sung Bae

This article will highlight the design and functionality of a simple circuit display tool for ArcMap. This tool will leverage ArcFM™ Feeder Manager in order to display individual electric circuits.…

Meet the SSP Replay and SSP Delta Product Team

November 27, 2017 By: Matthew Stuart Colton Frazier

As we mentioned in August, a few old SSP products have new names. “Transformer Manager” is now “SSP Lifecycle Assets“. “WFM” is now “SSP Lifecycle Work“. And “NBS” is now…

SSP Sync and Moving to Utility Network, Part 2: Going Live with Your Integrations and Users

November 10, 2017 By: Adam Tonkin

Learn how to plan and execute your migration in the first part of this two-part series about moving to Utility Network, including data, users & integrations.

UPDM FAQ: Utility Pipeline Data Model Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

SSP Innovations has migrated pipeline operators and gas utilities from Smallworld, PODS, and APDM to UPDM. Here are the UPDM FAQ we've gotten, and answered.

Customizing ArcGIS Pro (Part 2): MVVM Splash Screen

November 9, 2017 By: Gray Bohnen

Gray walks us through the steps of creating a basic splash screen in ArcGIS Pro. We learn about WPF data-binding and MVVM concepts along the way.

Utility Network Management for Gas: An Introduction

November 2, 2017 By: Ryan Potts

Esri's upcoming ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension will contain some exciting new capabilities for utilities and pipeline operators using the ArcGIS platform to manage their pipe networks. This blog post…

Inside SSP Innovations: Ping Pong Culture at SSP

November 1, 2017 By: Corey Tokunaga-Reichert

A look inside SSP Innovations' ping pong culture, to see how the game is a break, a competition, and an opportunity to flex our coding muscles.