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Lesser Known GIS Feature Types: Multipoint, Multipatch & Dimension

January 23, 2017 By: Brian Higgins

You've used points, lines and polygons. But what are these more rare GIS Feature Types, Multipoint, Multipatch & Dimension? Find out here.

Esri APR Tools — Changing the Pipeline Game in 2017

January 5, 2017 By: Clarke Wiley

This week marks the release of new Esri APR tools. These tools mean pipeline operators no longer have to buy many 3rd party tools or support.

ModelBuilder App Adds Fields in Bulk to Datasets

January 1, 2017 By: Brian Higgins

I used ModelBuilder to create an app that would let me add fields in bulk to an entire dataset. Here's how to do it (with screenshots!).

Esri Utility Network – Brian’s Notes (A CliffsNotes Article)

Behold these Esri Utility Network BriansNotes: a brief summary of all of SSP blog posts related to the Esri Utility Network with everything worth knowing.