2017 Esri User Conference

2017 Esri User Conference: A Look Back …

July 19, 2017 — Jessica Hartbauer

The 2017 Esri User Conference has come and gone quickly (check the Esri event page for event details), but no doubt that experience left us with several wonderful connections, great memories, and amazing connections with new and old customers.

Another successful Esri conference in the books! 

Did you attend the User Conference? If not, don’t worry! SSP did and we have highlights for you!

2017 Esri User Conference Highlights (a Photo Gallery)


SSP attended the Esri User Conference in San Diego this July and as always Esri hosted an amazingly successful conference. SSP is honored to be an Esri Platinum partner and be a part of such a successful and memorable event. From an extremely crowded booth, multiple speaking engagements, a customer appreciation event, and so much more … check it out! 

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Traveling from Denver to San Diego for the Esri UC 2017!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Starting the week by arriving early for the Esri Utility Network pre-conference session – Road Ahead for Network Management.

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Rick Anderson, Tom Brown, and Erik Hoel presenting a very well attended pre conference seminar on the Utility Network.

2017 Esri User Conference

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Never a boring time with Erik Hoel leading a session! A hammer at a Utility Network session is a MUST!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) SSP attending the GeoJobe hosted social on Sunday night of the Esri UC. Great event, THANKS for being a wonderful partner!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Wrapping up Sunday and prepping for the week with a SSP team dinner. Ready for a great week!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Welcome to the Esri UC!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) SSP team is excited to be here…

2017 Esri User Conference2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) First official day of the UC, booth set-up begins!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Growing SO fast, over 85 customers already, the booth can’t keep up!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) SSP booth is set-up and ready to go! Our home for the week.

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Welcome to the Esri UC 2017! The plenary is packed and ready for Jack!

2017 Esri User Conference2017 Esri User Conference2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Booth is set-up, Esri completed a very successful plenary, what’s next???

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) Of course…The SSP Customer Appreciation Event!

2017 Esri User Conference

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) The party has started and is packed already!

2017 Esri User Conference

(Above) The tradition continues…SPEAK no evil, SEE no evil, and HEAR no evil. Started in 2015 with Jamie and will continue at every conference, stay tuned…

(Above) Wrapping up the SSP Customer Appreciation event! Thanks to all the partners and customers for coming.

(Above & Below) Bill Meehan, Jeff Rashid & Kevin Kirk kicking off the Electric & Gas session at the UC!

(Above) Let the expo hours begin. Alliant Energy meeting with the SSP team!

(Above) SSP was honored by how many customers and partners came by the booth to meet with the team! Southern Company, Denton, PGE, IID, Sempra, and many many more…

(Above) SSP meeting in the Esri booth!

(Above) Meetings, meetings, and more meetings…

(Above) Ribbons, ribbons, and more ribbons…

(Above) Skye Perry and Duane Holt from Intermountain REA, presentation on How will the Utility Network Affect You? 

(Above) Packed room in Skye & Duane’s session. Well attended and successful, nice work guys!

(Above) SSP’s Clarke Wiley presents on ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing – Lessons Learned


(Above) Wrapping up the conference with partners, customers and good friends. THANKS TO ALL, great seeing everyone!

To end this recap with a BANG, we even made a video, check it out!

In Summary, it was an amazing conference and SSP will be there and ready to do it again next year. CHEERS to another amazing Esri User Conference. Thanks Esri for another job well done. 

See you in 2018 in San Diego!

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Jessica Hartbauer

Jessica Hartbauer works as a Channel Manager and Marketing Specialist for SSP Innovations, a Utility & Telecommunications GIS consulting company in Centennial, Colorado.  Jessica has over 12 years of experience in the GIS industry working with clients and partners.

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