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Celebrating 5 Years Writing for the Utility and Telecommunication Industries!

December 8, 2015 By: Keith Freeman

SSP has been writing for the utility and telecommunication industries for 5 years! We take a quick moment to reflect on this achievement and look at what's to be in…

Asset Searches in ArcGIS Online and Portal

December 7, 2015 By: Skye Perry

Esri has great tools for creating geocoding services that can be used for asset searches in ArcGIS Online and Portal. But we needed a way to automatically recreate the geocode…

Introducing the Esri 4.0 JavaScript API

December 6, 2015 By: Josh King

The new Esri 4.0 JavaScript API is shipping soon. Learn about some of the new capabilities this API has to offer.

My 3 favorite things about the ArcGIS Online November release

December 4, 2015 By: Ryan Potts

The ArcGIS Online November release is here! Check this post out for an overview of some of the recent new capabilities and enhancements added to ArcGIS Online for the November…

Creating Circuits on Transmit/Receive Fiber Paths in GIS

December 3, 2015 By: John Coleman Matthew Stuart

Over the last couple of years, we've talked a lot about an SSP client that has a very complex Telecom network. Most recently,this client identified a need to associate two…