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GIS to MAXIMO Enhancements – Increasing Performance by 70,000% the SSP Way

September 30, 2015 By: Colton Frazier

Overview on one of SSP's latest projects in which features significant performance improvements to a clients GIS to MAXIMO integration.

Permanently Track Your CU’s in GIS After Posting

September 29, 2015 By: Konstantin Korchakov

In this month's post, I go over a recent implementation of compatible units (CU) tracking we carried out on one of our projects.

Smallworld Data Migration

September 28, 2015 By: Ed Blair, Blair Services, Guest Author

If you’ve got a Smallworld GIS (SWGIS) database and you’re contemplating moving to ArcGIS, well, first of all, good choice! We think you’ll find the quality and breadth of technology…

What can Pi Integrator do for My Utility?

September 27, 2015 By: Joaquin Madrid, Ph.D.

OSIsoft partners with Esri to bring your realtime data into dynamic, content-rich, online maps. Give the power of relatime location based analytics to your Utility and Customers. Empower them.

ArcGIS Online – The Creation of a Blue Man Group

September 15, 2015 By: Brian Higgins

Instructions on how to create ArcGIS Online groups.

OMS Integration with MultiSpeak

September 8, 2015 By: Jeff Mertz

Integrating your OMS using MultiSpeak

The Power of the ArcGIS Online Joint Use Survey Template

September 7, 2015 By: Skye Perry

SSP recently teamed up with Esri's Utility Solutions team to enhance and demonstrate how the Joint Use Survey ArcGIS Online solution template could be used with SSP's Work Management System…

An ArcGIS Online Role is not Played by an Actor

September 6, 2015 By: Brian Higgins

SSP post related to ArcGIS Online basic roles, their assignments, and the creation of custom roles. There is also the opportunity to acquire a limited edition custom SSP fishing lure.

The Importance of Anomalies

By: Ed Blair, Blair Services, Guest Author

In terms of data migration an “anomaly” is usually a case of a source data internal inconsistency or where there is insufficient information for a record to be migrated with…

A Web-based Solution for Streetlight Repair Work Orders

September 4, 2015 By: SSP Innovations

Our client needed a streamlined approach for managing the process for incoming public calls regarding damaged, inoperable streetlights in need of attention or repair. Here, we describe the on-going implementation…

Tracking Virtual Ports for Logical Circuits

September 3, 2015 By: John Coleman

Recently, we were tasked with implementing the ability to track virtual ports that a logical circuit was programmed on within a physical port. This was added as an enhancement to…