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Workforce Management

WFMSSP Innovations has developed Workforce Management (WFM) as a work design and management tool for utilities to allow them to gain the major benefits of a centralized management system for a minimal cost. Our goal with WFM was to create a product that was intuitive and easy-to-use while providing significant functionality for our users. Information about this popular product consists of two separate sections describing the WFM functionality and the services surrounding the implementation process. Both of these sections can be reviewed for more detail below.

  • WFM Product - SSP WFM has evolved into a true licensed product which can be offered out-of-the-box with significant functionality, fully configurable workflow, and powerful search and reporting tools. To learn more about the SSP WFM product, please click through to the SSP Workforce Management product page.
  • WFM Services - SSP also provides services surrounding the implementation, configuration, customization, and integration of Workforce Management for utilities. These projects are led by SSP's talented consulting team which will guide a utility through our standard project process of design, develop, and deploy. To learn more about the SSP WFM implementation services, please view the WFM Services page.